“D” Is for Dinosaur ~ Moms of MasterBooks Review

Growing up, we seemed to have conflicting information on whether or not dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  I don’t know if I’m remembering what we were actually taught in school, or if watching the Flintstones just overrode everything else that I learned.  🙂 My dino-loving kiddos like watching shows like Dino Dan, but according to Dan […]

Today Is Your Best Day, Free Books & an Invitation

Download your FREE Digital copy of this book Friday 3/23 by going here. You won’t regret it! How was your day today? With most people, my answer would probably be “good, thanks.  How was yours?”.  Sort of an automatic reaction. With family members, it usually starts with “Ugh.”  and may be followed with “okay, I […]

“A” is for Adam {Moms of MasterBooks Review & Twitter Party)

“A is for Adam” is a neat new teaching resource by Ken & Mally Ham.  Using each letter of the alphabet, they teach from Genesis beginning with the Beginning and going through Adam and Eve, Cain & Able, the Great Flood and the Tower of Babel. This 10×10 books is designed to be free-standing with […]

Master Books and The #Homeschool Channel presents: The Big Book of History Twitter Party {11/29}

Do you remember the Big Book of History Twitter party that we had a while back with the Moms of Master Books?  Well guess what – we’re having ANOTHER one – this time with The Homeschool Channel!  Here are the details: Tuesday, November 29th at 1 PM PST/2 PM MST/3 PM CST/4 PM EST Use […]

4 Days to a Forever Marriage – Review & Twitter Party

I had the privilege to review 4 Days to a Forever Marriage: Choosing Love or Anger by Gary & Norma Smalley as part of the Moms of Masterbooks Review team. As you are more than likely aware, we live in a society where roughly 50% of marriages end in divorce.  Norma Smalley says: “But I’ve […]

Absotively Posilutely Best Evidence for Creation {Review & Twitter Party}

Are you looking for ways to point out evidence for Creation to your little ones? We received Absotively Posilutely Best Evidence for Creation by Carl Kerby as part of the Moms of MasterBooks review team. In this book, a young boy named Denny learns what the BEST evidence for Creation is and rushes off to […]

The Family Illustrated Bible {Review and Twitter Party!} #teachthetruth

It’s time for another Mom’s of MasterBooks review and Twitter party – which means some more great prizes are up for grabs.  Are you ready? This month we had the privilege of reviewing “The Family Illustrated Bible” (previously published as the Children’s Bible”). As I flipped through the book, I saw many familiar Bible stories […]