For the Parent Who Is Tired of Nagging….. #heartparenting {Motivate Your Child Book Review}

We’ve been struggling with some issues in our home lately that is driving this momma batty…. The attitudes….having to remind our kiddos over and over and over and over to do their homework/get ready for school/pick up after themselves….the indignation when we let them know that they’re responsible for cleaning up their own messes… In […]

The Challenge of Keeping a Wiggly Kiddo Still When He’s Sick…..

My boy is home sick today.  He coughs until he vomits, and for *some* reason, they don’t want him doing that at school.   😉 I’ve always struggled to keep up with his energy – once he learned to move as a  baby, he would MOVE!  And keeping him from running around when he’s sick can […]

How DO You Teach the Strong-Willed Child???

I’m going to put something out there that I may regret saying later. Sometimes I think something is seriously wrong with this child. I’ve researched autism (not it), and Sensory Processing Disorder (very possibly playing into the hardness)…..and a host of other things.  We limit sugar, and I try to avoid red & yellow dyes. […]

Help Needed – Ineffective Discipline

I am so tired of feeling ineffective.  I feel like we’ve tried it all, and it is NOT working.  With the little one (who is not nearly as strong-willed as the big), it works most of the time. But for the big one, it DOESN’T. We’ve tried 3-2-1 Magic (which sorta’ kinda’ works), and a […]

7 Reasons Why I’m Lucky to Have a Strong-Willed Child

I’ve been thinking for some time now that I needed to blog about raising a strong-willed child.  Most days it is just plain HARD.  I feel such a connection with other moms that experience a similar level of intensity with their children! I got something of an affirmation today reading this post on The Better […]

When Other Homeschoolers Do It Better Than You

One of the things that I love about the internet is all of the great ideas you can find from other homeschooling parents and even public school teachers.  There are a TON of great blogs out there that have bucket-loads of ideas for you to choose from. The downside to having all of this information […]

Monsters in My House {aka Strong-Willed Mornings}

The morning starts out somewhat quietly and with smiles if we’re lucky. But the downhill spiral is a tricky thing and will sneak up on you when you least suspect it. This morning it began with the 2-year-old entering the 6-year-old’s room. Yup, that’s all it took. The 6-year-old and Daddy were having some quiet […]