Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure {Twitter Party & Review}

I have been hearing about “Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure” for a while now in Christian blogging circles.  I had a nice picture in my head of what the book would be like – this little boy (maybe around 9 or so), with crazy sticking-out-everywhere blonde hair, and his red tricycle….that somehow […]

Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds {Review}

I am SO excited to be a Mom of Masterbooks! The Twitter party is this Thursday night (and no, you don’t have to be a homeschooler to attend!). It’s at 8pm CST (9 pm if you’re on EST like me), and you use hashtag #teachthetruth. Fore more information on the Twitter party, visit the New […]

The Curiosity Files: Puffer Fish Unit Study {Review}

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Curiosity Files: Puffer Fish Unit Study from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  This complete Unit Study is available as a PDF download and is one of several topics. Other Curiosity Files titles include: Blue Diamond Blue-Footed Booby Platypus Quicksand Snow Rollers and Other Snow… Zombie Fire Ants […]

{Kids’ Book Review} God Gave Us So Much

I love the gentle words of Lisa Tawn Bergren!  We had already owned and loved “God Gave Us You” and “God Gave Us Too”, so I knew that we were in for a treat in her 3-in-1 book, “God Gave Us So Much”. The first story in the collection, “God Gave Us the World” has […]

{Review} CSN Stores

I’m a bit behind on getting this review out…..SO sorry! I received a gift code a while back from In case you missed my last CSN stores post, or if you are not familiar with the company, it is comprised of over 250 stores. They have luggage, baby items, toys, household items, etc. I […]

This Week’s Sanity-Savers Brought to You By……

I had a “day off” this past Saturday – woohoo!  My sweet, sweet friend and I had a nice day together – she spoiled me! On our way back from a yummy lunch, we stopped into our local Borders store because it’s closing and everything’s “on sale”.  My Super-Geek powers had a chance to shine […]

The Complete Zoo Adventure Review!

Hi there! I received a copy of The Complete Zoo Adventure curriculum to review for the MasterBooks Twitter Party. Here is some information regarding the Twitter party from Meghan Tucker’s website, The Tuckers Take Tennessee: Who Is It For? Any parent (homeschool or non-homeschool) who loves great books/curriculum/resources for their children. When Is It? Tuesday, […]

Dapper Snappers – Review & Giveaway!

I contacted Michelle, the mompreneur behind Dapper Snappers, and she very generously agreed to do a review and giveaway on my site. In addition, she is offering a Dapper Snappers coupon code for The Helping Mommy readers! Dapper Snappers are a neat little contraption designed to hook through your child’s back belt loops to cinch […]

Got Fidgety Kiddos? Try Chewelry! Review + Giveaway –Closed

My little boy (who will be 5 next week!) is a bundle of energy. He’s ALWAYS in motion (including those jaws: jabber, jabber, jabber)! I’m also constantly telling him to take something or other out of his mouth. I don’t know where the appeal is, but EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. I came across Kid […]

Does Your House Run on Batteries?

I know ours does!  Ever since our son was born, I’ve joked that we should buy stock in batteries.  EVERYTHING needed them – the baby monitors, the bouncy seat, the name it.  And as the kids get older we find more reasons to consider buying that stock!  (Though we DO still play with toys […]