Awesome Science Review & Twitter Party Invite

The Moms of MasterBooks and our families were introduced to two Awesome Science videos narrated by 14-year-old Noah Justice. In these videos, Noah explains the formation of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and how Science aligns with what we know from the Bible.  He first tells how Scientists with an Evolutionary Worldview interpret these formations, […]

Today Is Your Best Day, Free Books & an Invitation

Download your FREE Digital copy of this book Friday 3/23 by going here. You won’t regret it! How was your day today? With most people, my answer would probably be “good, thanks.  How was yours?”.  Sort of an automatic reaction. With family members, it usually starts with “Ugh.”  and may be followed with “okay, I […]

The Creation Story for Children {Review & Twitter Party Invite}

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth…..” (Genesis 1:1) We were given the opportunity to review The Creation Story for Children by Helen and David Haidle as part of the Moms of MasterBooks review team. The beginning pages break down the Creation story starting with the verse from the Bible, and then […]