Amazing Science {TOS #homeschool review}

We love Science in our house…..though if you’ve been around here for any length of time you’ll know that it scares me just a little.   My 6-year-old is SO creative….and he likes to go running off ahead of me and doing his own experiments – which can be a little scary and almost always very […]

When the #Homeschool Day is a Flop & Science to the Rescue!

We had a lot of false starts to our homeschooling day yesterday. We tried Bible time, Spanish (which my 6-year-old told me just the day before that he was interested in pursuing)….I’ve actually forgotten all of the different things I tried to engage them in.  They were just too distracted or otherwise uninterested.    Usually, I […]

Science is Everywhere! {homeschool}

My son finds tons of “science projects” on his own if I don’t plan something out for him – and oftentimes even when I DO have something else planned! Today he came inside to tell me that he’s studying bird poop.  Ummm, what??!!  (at least he had it in a ziplock baggy….but I still instructed […]

Homeschool Update: Taking Our Lessons Outdoors!

Oh boy, my poor blog hasn’t been getting much attention from me lately. We have been spending most of our days outside, and it has been fantastic! We had a quick outdoor lesson prior to going to work: We made a volcano (though you can’t really tell from the pictures!). I had an old yogurt […]