Journey to Fit Mamahood: What’s Working {Part 1}

As I mentioned in my last post, I do NOT love exercising. Over the past few weeks I've been learning that much of what holds me back from being … [Continue reading]

On the Road to Fit Mamahood

I  have a love-hate relationship with fitness.  My fitness track record is sporadic, at best. It turns out that I'm too wimpy for Jillian … [Continue reading]

Indoor Snow Fun

The other day I was headed to work, and needed a project to keep my little one occupied (she comes to work with me). We have A LOT of snow outside … [Continue reading]

“At” Words Printable Cards #preschool #ece

I made these "At" words cards for my newly-turned 4-year-old.  We're still working on letter recognition/phonics, but she did really well with … [Continue reading]

Talking About the “I” Word {In Marriage}

Intimacy. Not too many people talk about it.  I mean, REALLY talk about it. For a lot of full-time Mommas, the LAST thing we want at the end of … [Continue reading]

Date Night: Enabling Us to Be Better Parents

As parents of young kids, it's easy to get so caught up in raising our children, that we forget to nurture our adult relationships.  I know that in … [Continue reading]

Preparing for a Doozy of a Storm

Here in CT we're preparing for 1-2 FEET of snow between today and tomorrow (oy!). We have been very fortunate during the last several storms where … [Continue reading]

It’s a Snow Day?! NOOOOOOOO!

I remember the days when I was a kid, eagerly listening on my Dad's giant radio for them to announce that schools were cancelled. Even a delay was … [Continue reading]

“Desperate” – The Book I Could Have Written {sort of}

"Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe" is a wonderful book that was just released this week (and is already in its second printing - … [Continue reading]

The View From My Front Porch

A while back I had a conversation with my blogging friend, Rebecca.  She has posted a gorgeous pic of her homeschool room, and I told her I was … [Continue reading]