Homeschool Spanish Program {Speekee TV Review}

I’ve always loved languages.   I think it comes from being bilingual as a little kid {which I no longer am, by the way}. Over the years, people have told me that I probably still have the Korean language buried in my brain somewhere.  I haven’t found that to be true, but I’ve always wondered if […]

Math 911 {TOS #homeschool Review}

Math 911 is a software program that helps you to work with Math problems for the following areas: Introductory Algebra Intermediate Algebra Statistics Trigonometry College Algebra Pre-Calculus As you know, my oldest is 7, and although he seems to enjoy and excel at Math, he is nowhere near the Algebra level! When this product came […]

My Birthday Is Next Week….So I’m Giving One Of YOU A Gift!

Do you remember my Lilla Rose review from the other week?  I love this thing ~ truly!  {If you haven’t read that review, please go do it now.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait until you’re done.}  🙂 Well, I get to give away a certificate for a flexi-clip {or other Lilla Rose hair piece valued up […]

Reading Kingdom {TOS #homeschool review}

Reading Kingdom is an online reading program for children 4-10 years of age, or slightly older students who are struggling readers.  The program is designed to teach kids to be able to read and write up to a third grade level. The very first time you sign into Reading Kingdom, you hear a message for […]

Everyday Cooking {Molly Crew Review} #mollycrew

I’m proud to announce that The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew has branched out to include homemaking product reviews! The name of this portion of the Crew is called the Molly Crew and the first product featured is by Everyday Homemaking. Our choices were between a Family Chore System (which we could totally use help with […]

“D” Is for Dinosaur ~ Moms of MasterBooks Review

Growing up, we seemed to have conflicting information on whether or not dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  I don’t know if I’m remembering what we were actually taught in school, or if watching the Flintstones just overrode everything else that I learned.  🙂 My dino-loving kiddos like watching shows like Dino Dan, but according to Dan […]

Zane Education {TOS #homeschool Review}

  We had an opportunity to review Zane Education over the last month.  Zane Education has tons and tons of online educational videos that teaches a plethora of subjects.  There are over 2,000 videos for on the site for more than 260 topics. From the website: The Missing Piece… The reason our online educational videos […]

HearBuilder Following Directions {TOS #homeschool review}

Have you ever wondered if your kids have a hearing problem because they tune you out or choose not to follow your directions?  Ummm….yeah.  We need help in that area! I was really excited for the opportunity to review HearBuilder’s Following Directions computer game by Super Duper Publications.  What appealed to me about the game […]

Keyboarding for Elementary-Aged Kids {TOS #homeschool Review}

Growing up, I loved learning how to type.  I had a electronic keyboard that my grandparents gave to me with a little screen on it.  The screen would scroll the letters, and you had to type along with it.  It would do this high-pitched beep whenever you made an error, but I really enjoyed using […]

The Complete Aquarium Adventure {#homeschool Review & Giveaway}

Guess what we received in the mail?   The Complete Aquarium Adventure: A Field Trip In A Book! My kids dove right into this as soon as we received it. There are gorgeous pictures of all kinds of ocean wildlife that you can expect to find at an aquarium: My little one loved exploring the […]