Read-Aloud Funny with my 4-year-old

My 4-year-old and I were reading a Blues Clues library book together for the first time this morning. I was reading the words, and pausing to let her name what was in the pictures for me. We got to this page, and I paused waiting for her to say “blocks”. Her answer was “rojo and […]

Indoor Snow Fun

The other day I was headed to work, and needed a project to keep my little one occupied (she comes to work with me). We have A LOT of snow outside – in fact, this was a picture from a storm that we had a few weeks ago that dumped three feet of snow in […]

“At” Words Printable Cards #preschool #ece

I made these “At” words cards for my newly-turned 4-year-old.  We’re still working on letter recognition/phonics, but she did really well with these! I thought I would make them as a printable download and share them with anyone that would like to use them. Enjoy!   “At” Words Cards Printables

Preschool Activity Bags & Science Activity Bags {TOS #homeschool Review}

 Activity Bags was dreamed up by two homeschooling moms that were looking for a way to keep their preschoolers occupied independently while they helped their older kids with their school work. The two friends initially planned to make the bags between their two families to help one another out, but then decided that it would […]

KinderBach ~ Kids Learn How to Play the Piano Online

KinderBach is an online learning program that gives children ages 3-7 an introduction to music with the focus being on the piano.  This is our second opportunity to use and review KinderBach.  If you read last year’s KinderBach Review, you’ll know that I took piano lessons for about 14 years when I was growing up. […]

Noah’s Ark File Folder Game for Preschoolers #ece #preschool

I found a really cute Preschool File Folder Game based on the animals of Noah’s Ark the other day. I printed out all of the animals for my 3-year-old, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the “ark” part of it, so I made my own. I made what is supposed to resemble an ark and […]