How to Raise A Good Reader

I have a confession to make: I am such a book nerd!   I love reading all different genres and will sometimes be reading more than one book at a time.   I know I’ve said in another post that yarn/craft stuff is my favorite type of gift to receive, but books are right up there too. […]

Summer 2010: Six Fashion Fixes for Busy Moms (Guest Post)

You may be a mom, but you still want to look good! Fortunately, even busy moms can look trendy and chic with the help of a few time-saving strategies. (1) Buy wash-and-wear fashions. Check fabrics before buying and forget anything that needs ironing. Many items can be washed, dried, and if you hang them up […]

Tunes for the Kiddos – Laurie Berkner Spotlight

My kiddos and I LOVE music. They’ve both shown a penchant for dancing since their days in the womb…they have moves where my husband and I clearly DO NOT! I will readily admit that I have two left feet and absolutely no rhythm. Sad for a piano player, I know…! One of the artists that […]

iFellowship – A Brand New Blog Hop For Christian Mommies!

I’m so excited to have been invited to join the writing team over at Seeds of Faith. If you’re looking for a great community for Christian women and Fellowship hop on over to the Seeds of Faith Site, or check out some of the sites in the Linky below. If you have your own blog, […]

Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

Why, we made them of course! And you can too. You may remember making these Peeping Chicks when you were younger. Need me to do a rundown anyway? Sure, here you go: construction paper, color of your choice (for egg) brass fasteners yellow construction paper (for your chick) white & blue construction paper (optional – for […]

Praying for Your Children

As a Christian parent, one of the most effective ways that you can influence the faith of your child(ren) is through prayer.  Believe it or not, the simple act of praying to God about your child is a great way to bring about any necessary changes, or reinforce the steadfastness that they already experience.  If […]

Happy Panda Baby – A Review

I met Pamela Kramer from Happy Panda Baby at the Ultimate Blog Party from 5 Minutes For Mom. She sent me an adorable little t-shirt for my little girl, and we LOVE it!  Now before we go on, let me just say that although I received a complimentary shirt, I was in no way required […]

EcoMom Sunscreen Wipes Review

Well, I had contacted EcoMoms for a review/giveaway. They graciously sent me a pack of sensitive skin sunscreen wipes and a small container of uv protecting lotion. Unfortunately, I am unable to host the giveaway in good faith. I used it on the kiddos yesterday, and my son still has a rash today everywhere that […]

Sometimes I Wish I Would Follow My Own Advice…..

We’re going through a really rough patch with both kiddos right now. I have no idea what is going on, but it has been REALLY TOUGH. Yesterday was an especially tough day. SweetPea was having an especially tough day, screaming and crying most of the day. Finally at dinnertime, I was feeling totally wrung out, […]

This Too Shall Pass….

Are you in a really tough stage with your kiddo(s)? I know that we definitely are.  The mornings are a struggle first thing, afternoons seem to be okay generally speaking, then the evenings are pure…well, I’m sure you can guess. I just told my husband the other day that I H-A-T-E dinnertime right now.  Trying […]