It’s a Snow Day?! NOOOOOOOO!

I remember the days when I was a kid, eagerly listening on my Dad’s giant radio for them to announce that schools were cancelled. Even a delay was well-received (with the hope that it would be changed to a cancellation). Getting sent home early due to snow was just as exciting! I loved school (when […]

“Desperate” – The Book I Could Have Written {sort of}

“Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe” is a wonderful book that was just released this week (and is already in its second printing – woohoo!), written by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. Sarah Mae is an in-the-trenches mom of young kiddos, and she was wonderfully blessed to have Sally (who has raised […]

The View From My Front Porch

A while back I had a conversation with my blogging friend, Rebecca.  She has posted a gorgeous pic of her homeschool room, and I told her I was jealous of her room because we have an older house and not a whole lot of space. Her response was “yeah, but I bet you have a […]

{Relatively} Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts

I am NOT a knitter.  By any means.  I can crochet, but I never really got the hang of knitting.  However, I found a cute swirly scarf pattern, and when I watched the how-to videos, I realized that knitting it would actually be easier than crocheting it.  {again, this is coming from a NON-knitter}. I […]

I’m Still Here….

I know I’ve been really quiet around here, lately. There’s been a lot of….ick going on that has been emotionally draining, and it’s not stuff I can write about here.  We’re okay, though, and I do have some fun things that I plan to talk about over here. Living in CT, and having young kiddos, […]

“Smooshy” Paint Pictures #ece #preschool

My little one (who will be 4 in just over a month!) loves paints.  L-O-V-E-S them. Me?  I don’t always love the mess that comes with painting, but it keeps her happy… I have to remind myself that it’s not a big deal to let her do it once in a while. Today, we (somewhat […]

Keeping Christ in Christmas With the Kids

Happy December 1st!  Can you believe that Christmas is only 24 days away???  Are you ready? I have a confession.  We do Santa Claus in my house.  My sister and I grew up believing in Santa Claus AND celebrating the birth of Jesus, and it was fun.   I want my children to have that, too. […]

So Maybe You Can’t Pack a Shoebox By Monday….

Operation Christmas Child is an outreach program of Samaritan’s Purse, and it is a beautiful way to share God’s love to the needy at Christmas time! I had never heard of OCC before my Pastor and his family introduced it to our church in 2006. Have you heard of it before? What to do: Decide […]

With the Children on Sundays {TOS #homeschool review}

With the Children on Sundays  by Sylvanus Stall and Grace and Truth Books is a collection of Biblical teachings for children, first published in 1893, and then brought back into print in 1995. From the website: Filled with many of the most delightful family readings you’ll find anywhere, from an author with great skill in […]

Journeys of Faithfulness {TOS #homeschool review}

  Have you ever felt a yearning for a closeness to God that feels out of reach?  Do you struggle to read your Bible daily?  Has your heart longed for a Bible Study or Devotional that made you want to turn back to your Bible with fresh eyes and a willingness that was previously lacking? […]