The Secret to Potty-Training Success

My little one turned 3 at the end of January, and I feel like we’ve been wishing she  was potty trained for….a decade now. My boy didn’t fully potty-train until he was 3-and-a-half, so I’m confident that it will happen SOMEDAY.  But I confess to being a little bit impatient for it to happen NOW. […]

Mom-Tip Monday: Use Those Kitchen Shears!

My Kitchen Shears. I love ’em. I cut up (boneless, skinless) chicken breasts with them so the chicken cooks faster. I could name a million shortcuts that they provide. Okay, so maybe only 5 or 10. Ahem. ANYWAY, one of my favorite uses is to cut up cooked spaghetti with them before feeding it to […]

Mom-Tip Monday: Stop Night-Time Coughing

Photo Credit {Wojciech Gajda} About a year ago, our son was coughing until he vomited every single night.  He was missing out on precious sleep, and it was throwing off his whole day.  We would have to dose him with cough medicine several times a night so the poor kiddo could get some rest. This […]