7 Days of Hope for the Weary Mom Day #7 – When Life Hurts Too Much

In today’s section of Hope for the Weary Mom, Brooke talks about the pain of loss. When life hurts too much, we desperately search for a way out, clawing our way away from the point of pain. Pain, by definition, hurts. It makes us uncomfortable, and changes our perspective. I’ve found that pain, disappointment, and […]

7 Days of Hope for the Weary Mom Day #6 – Sometimes It Takes an Altar

  This section of the book really hit me hard.  When I first read it, I was struggling with severe depression.  I had thoughts of leaving, deep down in my heart.  Not that I would truly do that, but the thoughts were there. At the deepest point of my depression, I prayed for God to […]

7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom Day 5 – When You Just Want to Give Up

  Have you ever felt like just throwing in the towel, weary Momma?  Packing up your car and just driving away…..somewhere?  Anywhere?  Or just pulling the covers up over your head and sleeping for a week? Please bear with me while I lay down some ugly truths from my life. For quite some time now, […]

7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom Day 4 – Why You Can’t Live at the Spa

Have you ever had a nice, relaxing time away from home, only to come home and feel the peace zapped right out of you?  The everyday needs, the whining, the “Mommy! MO-OM!  MOM! MOM! MOMMMMM!” can replace that peaceful feeling with weariness so quickly sometimes! On Day 4 of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom, […]

7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom Day #3 – Beer & Cigarettes?

Welcome back to Day 3 of 7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom!  Don’t forget to check out Day 1 & Day 2 if you haven’t already. I wasn’t sure about the title of this one, at first…..but having read the section, I understand that feeling of desperation and wanting to just sink […]

Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom, Day 2 – When You Don’t Measure Up

Hey weary Mommas – I’m so glad that you’re joining me here, today! If you missed Day 1, no worries, you can hop on over there real quick if you’d like. Today’s segment is called “When You Don’t Measure Up”. Does the title alone call to you, like it does to me? Stacey tells her […]

Hope For the Weary Homeschooling Mom Day #1 – When the Gentle Words Won’t Come

  Thank you  for joining me for 7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom!   If you missed the intro post for this series, you can check it out here. (you can also find out how to get your hands on a copy of the ebook in that post). To recap, we’ll be […]

7 Days of Hope…..for the Weary Homeschooling Mom

Are you a weary Momma?  Are you looking for some hope?  A balm for your soul? Brooke McGlothlin (of BrookeMcGlothlin.com and co-founder of  The M.O.B. Society) & Stacey Thacker (from 29 Lincoln Avenue and MODSquadBlog) teamed up a while back to write an oh-so-encouraging ebook, Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You In […]

Where Is God In This Mess?

I have a confession to make.  As you probably know, I’ve been really struggling with depression. I’ve been out-of-control irritable and angry. I haven’t had patience with my kids. I haven’t shown my kiddos a lot of grace lately. I have been allowing myself to “shut down” mentally & emotionally and thereby spending waaaaaay to […]

What Do You Know About Depression? {It Isn’t Just About Sadness….}

I haven’t written a WHOLE lot about my journey with depression here.  I do have this post, Journey to the Dark Side {aka Depression Is….}.  I encourage you to read it, if you haven’t already. When I first acknowledged my depression, I didn’t want to be the first one to use the “D” word.  I […]