Last Minute Costume: DIY iPod Tutorial

A sweet friend of mine made an iPod costume for her boy and gave me permission to post the pictorial here on my site.  🙂   I love this picture.  Hmmmmm, what should I be??  🙂   You need a good-sized gift bag for the costume. Untie the handles and re-tie so they will act […]

{For Crafters} I Just Found Another Great Way to Use the Reading Ruler!

I updated my Crossbow Eye-Level Reading Ruler Review just now because we came across another way that it helps us. My son is doing a latch-hook project (of a dog ~ his FAVORITE type of animal), and the pattern is a giant pain to follow.  It has row-upon-row of symbols representing the different colored pieces […]

Safe and Easy Capes for your Little Superheroes!

My son is soooo into Superheroes! He often times asks for a cape, but most times we end up tying a sweatshirt around his neck/shoulders preppie-style and he flies around the house. Well, I figured it was time to make him a cape, but I wanted something that wouldn’t tie around either of the kiddos […]