Valentine’s Fun…..Right?

Do you make Pinterest-Perfect Valentine’s for the kids’ school parties?  Or the pre-made ones? We went with the boxed ones this year (Star Wars for the boy and Olaf for the girl). The most that we’ve done in terms of being creative was the girl’s first-grade assignment to make a Valentine’s mailbox out of recycled […]

Indoor Snow Fun

The other day I was headed to work, and needed a project to keep my little one occupied (she comes to work with me). We have A LOT of snow outside – in fact, this was a picture from a storm that we had a few weeks ago that dumped three feet of snow in […]

“Smooshy” Paint Pictures #ece #preschool

My little one (who will be 4 in just over a month!) loves paints.  L-O-V-E-S them. Me?  I don’t always love the mess that comes with painting, but it keeps her happy… I have to remind myself that it’s not a big deal to let her do it once in a while. Today, we (somewhat […]

{For Crafters} I Just Found Another Great Way to Use the Reading Ruler!

I updated my Crossbow Eye-Level Reading Ruler Review just now because we came across another way that it helps us. My son is doing a latch-hook project (of a dog ~ his FAVORITE type of animal), and the pattern is a giant pain to follow.  It has row-upon-row of symbols representing the different colored pieces […]

Resurrection Eggs! {and Printables}

We’re starting our Resurrection Eggs today, and we’re pretty excited about it! In my Sunday School class this past Sunday, I had the kiddos prepare the Resurrection Eggs so they could do them with their families this week. I researched the heck out of Resurrection Eggs, trying to find the “just right” combination of items, […]

Fun With the Kids – New Fridge’ Design

You may have seen my Wordless Wednesday pic yesterday of our Snowman Fridge. With the whole point of a Wordless Wednesday being….well…wordless, I didn’t mention that I saw the idea a few months back on the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Facebook page. I also didn’t mention that we’ve had said snowman on our fridge […]

{Wordless Wednesday} – Since We Have No Snow This Winter…..

Sweet (and Easy!) Valentines Day Project

I love homemade Valentine’s day gifts! A couple of years back my son (who was probably 4 or 5 at the time) and I made a sweet gift for my husband that he LOVED receiving from us. We wrapped a tissue box with regular printer paper and wrote “How much do I love you?  Let […]

Easy Angel Craft

We love crafts in our home, and I especially love footprint/handprint crafts that sort of freeze a moment in time for us with these little ones growing so quickly! We found instructions for a Foot and Hand Print Angel Craft that we then modified a bit to make these cute ornaments: \\ This post is […]

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Teaching Kids to be Thankful

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the general groaning and grumblings each day, isn’t it?  The wails of “it’s not FAIR!!” (from the kids and from Mommy….erm…ahem), and the “I want THIS; I want THAT!  I need MOOOOOOORRRRRRE!” In the past, I’ve found that keeping a Gratitude Journal has really helped me with […]