Feedburner Email Tutorial: How to Put Your Post Title in the Subject Line

Do you subscribe to blogs via email?  Most times, you’ll see the subject line and the “from” field bearing the name of the blog that you subscribed to. There are a few blogs that I subscribe to that I will open the email regardless of what the subject line says.  There are others, however, that […]

How to Participate in a Twitter Party the Easy Way {Twitter Tutorial}

I’ve been to several Twitter parties lately and, almost without fail, several people say “this is my first Twitter party – I have no idea what I’m doing!”. The Moms of Masterbooks Twitter party is happening next Tuesday night (10/25), so I thought it would be a good time to post a quick tutorial to […]

WordPress Tutorial: How to Change the Email Address That Your Blog Uses

A friend of mine just changed her email address, and needs to update it in WordPress.  I thought I’d write up a quick tutorial in case anyone else needs help with this.  =) Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Scroll down to “Settings” and click on “General”.” Replace the email address here: Click the […]

Blog Tutorial: Add an Email Subscription Box to Your Blog

Hey Bloggers! As you may have noticed, I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Mom.  It’s a GIANT blog-hop, and a ton of fun.  There are so many awesome bloggers out there to connect with! Sooooo I’ve been doing my partying on various blogs, and I’ve found a bunch that I […]

Tuesday Tip: How to Sell Your Products Online using the WordPress eStore Plug-in

One of the challenges for many moms who want to sell online is finding a good shopping cart product to use – especially one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg month after month. This challenge becomes even greater when the online business website is a WordPress website. Many of the shopping cart […]

Are You Putting Your Keywords to Work?

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re gearing up for the holiday season. Whether you have a business, or a “mommy” blog, you’ll want to draw traffic to your site. Let’s work smarter, not harder by making your site do some of the work FOR you. By now I’m sure you know […]

How to Link To Other Sites Plus a Little Trick {Keep Your Traffic on Your Site}

You may already know how to link to another site from your own.  Many times I see people linking, but they don’t have the linked site open up in its own window.  This is great for sending traffic to another site, but you don’t want them to leave your site in the process. By adding […]

Facebook Tutorial: Add Your Blog Feed

Did you ever wonder how people set up their blog feeds to automatically update in Facebook? True, some of them may be manually updating them (I know I was for a while!), but more than likely the bloggers that regularly post their feeds have it set up automatically. With a few simple steps, you can […]