How to Post Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Page with Networked Blogs {Part 1}

A friend of mine recently asked how to make her blog posts automatically post to her Facebook page, so I thought I’d post a quick Tutorial. There are quite a few steps, but if you stick with me I’ll walk you through it. To get started, either type “Networked Blogs” into the search bar on […]

A Fun & Different Way to Build Your Blog Readership ~ #UBP12

Several years ago I was basically talking to myself on one of my other blogs.  What I mean is, I had a lot that I wanted to share…..but nobody knew that my blog existed, and thus weren’t able to read the posts that I put my heart into writing. You’ve probably heard the ways to […]

I’m a Dime-a-Dozen Blogger……{and I’m Tired of It!}

It occurs to me that I’m a Dime-a-Dozen blogger….meaning what you find on here could be found in similar style or format on a dozen different blogs. But I don’t have a dime-a-dozen LIFE…so why should I be satisfied with that kind of blog? I don’t blog about homeschool freebies like Kathy’s Cluttered Mind or […]

Set Your Feedburner Emails to Show Your Blog Post Title in the Subject Line

  Have you ever subscribed to a blog by email and it just shows the blog name?  Does that entice you to open the emails? Or are you more inclined to open an email that has the blog post title in the subject line? I’ll be honest with you – I receive several hundred emails […]

How to Embed YouTube Videos on Your WordPress Site

Here’s an easy way to embed YouTube Videos on your site. In your WordPress Dashboard, find Plugins (on the left-hand side menu), and under that, “Add New”. In the Search box, type in “Smart YouTube”, and click the “Search Plugins” button. At the time of this writing, they’re calling it Smart YouTube Pro.  Click on […]

Facebook Fan Pages: Adjusting Your Settings

Now that you’ve set up your Facebook Fan Page, it’s time to set how your page functions and how users interact with your page. Here’s how to adjust your Facebook Page’s settings. Access the Settings Click on “Edit Page” in the upper right corner of your Facebook page to access the page’s settings.   Set […]

How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page {Tutorial}

If you have a blog or a business, Facebook Pages are one of the best ways to get the word out, to gain followers, and to send out information about updates, sales, or other announcements to your fans, as well as to communicate with your consumer base. Unlike a regular Facebook account, there is no […]

Facebook: Understanding Privacy Settings

You may have heard of past Facebook privacy scares.   Facebook has really gone out of its way to make sure your personal information is protected. Here’s how to use Facebook’s privacy settings, along with an explanation of each option. Accessing the Privacy Settings To access your privacy settings, go to “Privacy Settings” in the […]

Facebook: Setting Up Your Account and Profile

Filling out a complete profile is very important for getting the most out of your Facebook experience.   Having a good profile will make it easier for friends to find you while helping you make a great impression. In this post, we’ll talk about getting your main personal account set up.   After your personal account is […]

What Are Your Blogging or Social Media Questions?

Do you have questions about your WordPress blog?  Do you need someone to help you migrate your Blogger blog to WordPress? Or maybe you have questions about Facebook, Twitter, or Networked blogs? I love doing behind-the-scenes tweaks to websites, and I know how frustrating it can be to the non-techy person (and oftentimes even to […]