About Me

Hi!  I’m Stephanie Dakin.   I’m a mom of two kiddos, and wife to one funny guy.  =)

In my pre-kid life, I was a Software Engineer for a printing company (that’s where I met my awesome hubby!).  I have done several multi-level marketing/direct sales businesses as well as internet marketing/affiliate marketing.

I have been blogging now for several years, though lately I’ve been having trouble finding time to do it.  In that time I have researched a TON of internet topics and I’ve learned a lot about social media, websites, and different marketing methods.I love tweaking the code on my wordpress blogs, and I have several blogs that I currently own.  I have created websites for my church, a local Christian preschool, and several non-profit organizations.

I love helping people with the little tweaks that they need to get things “just right” on their personal or business blogs.  It is my intent to have as many of those tweaks as possible detailed here so you can find them easily and apply them to your own sites.  If you think of a particular question/topic that you’d like to see a tutorial on, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or contact me at momkaboodle@gmail.com.

This blog started out as a “parenting help” blog, but over the last decade-plus of being a parent, I realize how little I know about parenting!  I’ve read a bazillion books about parenting, Christian living, building a business and more….so I’ve come to the realization that this particular blog is more of a review blog.  I’ll be sharing the books and products that I’m finding to be helpful in the stages of parenting/life that we’re in.

Some other places where you can find me:

We are currently on a journey of eating and feeling healthier.  I love sharing about a simple way to add fruits & veggies to your diet (that is kid-approved!!), and when I find time I blog about the things that I’m learning on that journey here: www.LifetimeWellness.org

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