Living a Gospel-Centered Life #GospelMom

I have been going through a dry season in my walk with the Lord. I don’t know if I thought I was too busy for prayer or too self-absorbed, but my prayers have been of the SOS variety – one-line pleas for help and not much more.

I’ve also been dealing with some health issues that I have been allowing to take priority in my head.

Brooke McLothlin is a writer that I have been following for several years now – you might know her as one of the co-founders of The MOB Society. (If you are not yet familiar with that site and are a momma to boys, I highly recommend it!)

I found out that she was launching a new book called “Gospel Centered Mom”. From the website description:

She challenges you to:

  • Embrace your moment-by-moment need for Jesus
  • Release the stress of believing everything is your responsibility
  • Learn to fight for rather than against your child
  • Believe that the story God is writing with your life is worth the sacrifice
  • Practice the daily disciplines that lead to Gospel-centered parenting

Between digging into this book and opening my Bible back up, I have felt God drawing me nearer to Him. My prayer time has been so much richer, and even my Pastor’s sermon last Sunday seemed to touch on points both that I’ve read in the book as well as in my personal Bible time. (Totally a God-thing. I love when he does that!)

My prayer is often that God replace my heart of stone with a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26), and I’ve been feeling that change this week – perfect timing as we are just now easing into our Vacation Bible School week and I desire to be in prayer for all of our kids and our volunteers.

One thing that is really standing out to me in this book is living the Me-gospel vs. the True Gospel.

In particular, this quote:

“There’s really no place in the Bible that tells us to focus on our own desires, wants, dreams, or needs. The goal is always, only, and supremely to give up ourselves for the sake of Christ.”   (Page 42)

In the past, I would read the Bible or do a Bible Study and be asking how what I was reading applied to me.  More recently, I have been learning to study my Bible and ask what the Bible tells me about God.  Yet this topic of the Me-gospel still struck home.

This book is filled with relatable stories (particularly for those moms raising kids that are high energy!), Biblical truths and specific Scriptures to guide you in living a Gospel-centered life.  As you learn to anchor your life in the Gospel, you’ll find increased freedompurpose, and joy in motherhood. You can get a copy of Brooke McGlothlin’s new book at!

I’m so excited to be a part of Brooke McGlothlin’s Gospel Centered Mom book tour! This post was inspired by the book. To join us and learn more about being a part of it, click  

I received a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  No monetary compensation was received.