Valentine’s Fun…..Right?

Do you make Pinterest-Perfect Valentine’s for the kids’ school parties?  Or the pre-made ones?

We went with the boxed ones this year (Star Wars for the boy and Olaf for the girl).

The most that we’ve done in terms of being creative was the girl’s first-grade assignment to make a Valentine’s mailbox out of recycled crafts.  To be fair, this was fun to research/make.  (Please excuse the giant blue blob….she had her name right across the front of it).  Here are the instructions.


I’m sure we’ll get some super-cute handmade cards sent home, but in the interest of my sanity, this is as creative as we’re getting this year.

Have you seen this hilarious parody video?  (this would totally be me if we didn’t go with the pre-made version!):

What are you doing for the class Valentines this year?