Filling Up the Love Tank – Sometimes It’s the Little Things

Filling up their love tank

We’ve been going through a season of HARD around here.  Hard attitudes, hard hearts, hard words…..

Our 10-year-old has been telling us that we love his younger sister more than we love him.  To be completely honest, he has been acting in ways that have been difficult to like, and he has been constantly getting himself into trouble with us.

I’ve heard that when kids need your love the most, they act in ways that are unlikeable.  Unfortunately, this has been one of those seasons where that wisdom just wasn’t coming to us.

Looking back, I see that we haven’t been speaking his Love Language, and his behavior has been a reflection of his love-tank being empty.  Our son’s two main love languages are quality time and physical touch.

The solution?  So simple.  Really.

Last night we let him stay up past his bedtime to watch a movie that he has been really wanting to see with my husband.  They laughed.  They enjoyed each other’s company.  They shared their time with one another without arguing or yelling.

This morning our boy that we have been at odds with has been so sweet and affectionate.  His heart seems softer toward all of us.

We’ve been struggling for months with this hardness, and now there is this beautiful light shining on our family situation.

I know we still have a lot of work to do, but remembering to speak THEIR love language is such an easy thing to do and it pays great dividends!

What are some ways that you’ve found to speak your kids’ love language?  Do you recognize when their love-tanks are empty and need filling?