What Could #OneSimpleChange Do For Your Family’s Health?

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I recently wrote on my other blog what a huge impact making one simple change can have on your family’s health, and I thought it was important to address it over here, too.

Many families have noticed that just by cutting out processed foods, adding more whole foods and adding physical activity can:

  • reduce/eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms
  • reduce/eliminate allergy or asthma symptoms
  • reduce behavioral issues {did you know that some behavioral issues can be related to dyes and other chemicals in the food?}
  • greatly reduce the number of sick days
  • improve sleep
  • improve focus

Looking at the big picture of making health changes can seem daunting. If you aim for progress, rather than perfection, it allows for forgiveness if you relapse into the bad habit for a little while.

Choosing to replace juice and carbonated beverages with water or making the decision to skip the fast-food drive-through is a fairly easy place to start.  If you’d like to find out what changes our family started with, or watch a great Tedx talk about how we really ARE what we eat, go here.

Making one small, doable change for your family’s health can lead to the next small change and the next.

What #OneSimpleChange will you choose to make?

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