Last Minute Costume: DIY iPod Tutorial

A sweet friend of mine made an iPod costume for her boy and gave me permission to post the pictorial here on my site.  🙂


I love this picture.  Hmmmmm, what should I be??  🙂



You need a good-sized gift bag for the costume.

Untie the handles and re-tie so they will act as shoulder straps:



Cut the bottom portion of the bag out and remove the cardboard:


Fit it over your kiddo like so:




Using white paper (she used printer paper and it worked just fine) and a black marker, make your apple logo and your play/stop/back/forward buttons:



Cut out and affix to one side of the gift bag (she used packing tape doubled in half so you have two sticky sides).

And here is the end result.  Isn’t it cute?  {It helps that the model is adorable, too!}.  She added some noise-cancelling headphones as an accessory, too!