Real Food On A Real Budget {Review}


 What it is:

Real Food On A Real Budget: How to Eat Healthy for Less is a compilation of practical ideas for growing your own food, canning/preserving, and making better overall food choices for your family. Written by Stephanie Langford of Keeper of the Home, it is a book for moms who are trying to serve wholesome foods to our families in a world where the focus is more on abundance in possessions and lamenting that healthy food is “too expensive”.


(from the Intro)

“This is not a book that will show you how to spend as absolutely little as possible and still come
home from the store laden with overflowing grocery bags. I don’t think that’s realistic and in my mind, it’s not really even
the goal. Rather, this is a book that will hopefully empower and encourage you with ideas for how to spend your money
on foods that are worth it, and how to do it as affordably as possible. To learn how to work within a budget that works for
your family. To stretch a tight budget just a little further. To cope with rising food costs. To feed (and feed well!) a growing
family on a single income budget.

Don’t expect to pay nothing. Real food costs money. Farmers (especially good ones) need to be supported.
We can choose to pay now with carefully spent dollars or pay later in poor health and medical bills.”

{emphasis mine}

That last line IS my mission ~ paying now for health rather than paying later with sickness!

Stephanie breaks down her own real-life budgeting to give us as the reader some ideas on how we can save money within our own budgets.

She also writes about homey practices like grinding her own grains for bread and baking her own bread and canning  ~ all things that I wish I did/could do.

I was nodding my head in the gardening chapter when she was talking about her black thumb (me too!), and how she overcame that (something I’m working on as well!).  She gives the reader ideas for several different ways to garden {we have a fun and easy way of vertical gardening that I share through my business ~ how I would love to share about that with her!}. Some of her tips are ones that I need to implement in my traditional garden next year – for instance, letting the cucumbers grow up a wall or stakes instead of giving them *SO* much room on the ground and losing that space to plant other veggies.

This book is generously sprinkled with references to helpful online resources as well as suggested print books {which I immediately requested from our library!}.

As Stephanie will tell you in the introduction, the ideas in the book are a compilation of ideas that she was given from her homemaking mentors.  Chapter 12 is devoted to tips from other moms for saving money in the home, baking tips, living on less, food storage, wasting less and much more!

I not only found many valuable suggestions in this book, but I also got the feeling of having my own natural homemaking mentor whose encouragement and suggestions I can go back to over and over again.

If you would like to read a short preview, go here  and click on the link.  Go here to purchase a digital copy of Real Food on a Real Budget, {currently sells for $18.97}, or get a print copy for a few dollars more here.


Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review.  I received no monetary compensation, and all opinions are my own.  Purchase links are affiliate links – if you purchase through my link, my family will get a small “thank you” payment at not extra charge to you.  Thank you!