Learning How to Coupon and Save Money with Strategic Shopping

I am not a “couponer” by nature.  Sure, I always check for promo codes before placing online orders, but I either don’t think to use a coupon, or I can never FIND the coupon I need except for when I’m going to the craft store.

My husband and I try to shop sales when we can, and we do price comparisons when we’re in the store, but we definitely need help saving money on our shopping.

In reading “Strategic Shopping” by Candy Foote (mom to TWELVE!), I learned that I when I did remember to use my coupons, I was not using them to their best advantage.  First of all, if I received a coupon for a product that we normally use, I would use it right away instead of holding onto it and waiting for the product to go on sale first.  (am I the only one that does that?  I tend to use my gift cards as soon as I get them, too!)

If you’ve ever wanted somebody to sit you down and explain HOW to coupon, HOW to shop frugally, where to get the best deals, and all of the little tips and tricks of the trade, Candy is your gal.

Here’s a little bit about Strategic Shopping:

Candy Foote is a mother of twelve, which has given her a great incentive to learn how to save!  With each new baby, she became a better shopper.  Now, she teaches others how to do the same through her website, http://candyfoote.com/, her classes, and her e-book, Strategic Shopping.

Strategic Shopping is a step-by-step guide that teaches both the novice and the experienced shopper how to save big at the stores. It teaches that Strategic Shopping is all about having a plan and knowing when to buy.

By having a strategy, Candy is able to get rock-bottom prices, FREE items, and even has the stores pay her to shop!  Strategic Shopping is a 143 page e-book that will show you how you can do the same.

In Strategic Shopping, you’ll learn:–the exact details for how to use coupons for ultimate savings–the strategies Candy uses to get rock bottom prices and FREE items–how to shop so that the stores pay YOU!–how to save at least 50% off at your grocery store–how to buy “real’ food on a budget — foods like eggs, butter, cheese, milk, bread, organic produce, meat, and more!–the purpose of pantry–the difference between stockpiling and hoarding–how to feed a mega family without living on beans and rice!

Strategic Shopping even shows you how to get the best deals on prescriptions, how to find military discounts and senior citizen discounts! With the knowledge gained with Strategic Shopping, you can quit buying generic brands and fill your pantry with all brand name items at deep, deep discounts.

I loved learning HOW to get the best deals on meat (one of the tricks is WHEN to buy certain meats!), and a smart way to save on sandwich meats.

The most important thing to remember about strategic shopping is that there’s a season and a time to buy everything. Buying at the wrong time could literally cost you hundreds of dollars.”   ~ Candy Foote, Strategic Shopping

You probably know that the best time to buy Christmas-themed items is AFTER Christmas ~ same goes for Halloween and Easter candy.  You also know that there are seasons to buy produce for the best price.  But do you know that there are MANY, MANY other things  ~ from oatmeal to soup to Spring cleaning items ~ that go on sale based on seasons as well?

Strategic Shopping is jam-packed with awesome nuggets for the savvy-shopper, or the wannabe-savvy-shopper (that’s me!).  Candy included printables to create your own Coupon Binder, as well as packed the ebook with links to companies where you can request coupons, make money for searching the web, and even get paid to be a mystery shopper.

Candy also wrote an ebook called “Strategic Christmas Shopping”.  When I first started reading this (in January), I assumed it wouldn’t be relevant to me this soon AFTER Christmas, but she really does break it down to what you can buy on sale each month!

About “Christmas with Strategic Shopping – The Twelve Months of Christmas’:

 “Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s also the most stressful time of the year! Decorating, baking, parties, and gift buying all stuffed into the month of December can burden down the best of us!

Candy Foote is a  mother of 12 who loves to overdo at the holidays!  She loves to go all out on all of it, especially the gift giving!So, how does she manage to do it without having to spend the next five months of the new year paying for all of it? Sadly, many Americans actually do spend January through May trying to pay off Christmas debt!

Candy’s newest book —  Christmas with Strategic Shopping: The Twelve Months of Christmas — shows you month-by-month how you can prepare for the holidays, taking the stress out of Christmas and making room for you to actually enjoy the holidays with your family.

Christmas with Strategic Shopping lists exactly what you should be buying each month.  It teaches that stores have a specific time where they mark just about everything in the store down to a rock-bottom price.

This book will bring you into the life of a mega family’s celebration of Christmas. You can apply these principles into your own holiday celebration.

Don’t panic – it doesn’t require you to have twelve children in order to apply these techniques!”

Strategic Shopping can be purchased for $6.99, and Christmas with Strategic Shopping can be purchased for $3.99.  For a limited time, you can purchase the 2-book bundle for 20% off using code: 20%OffEverything



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To read more reviews on Candy Foote’s books, visit her site here.



  1. I have a question. Does Amazon use coupons? I love to shop there.
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    • Not that I’ve seen, though I earn $5 Amazon gift cards quite frequently from Swagbucks (you can check it out in the right-hand sidebar….). I mostly just use it as my search engine, but there are other ways to earn points faster.

  2. Thank you!