Hello Fresh ~ Like Having Your Very Own Kitchen Helper!

Dinnertime is typically NOT my favorite time of the day ~ especially when I don’t have anything on the agenda for what to make.

Have you ever wanted someone to say “here’s a recipe and all of the ingredients for a yummy meal ~ enjoy!”  I seriously wish for that just about ALL of the time!
That being said, I was pretty excited when I saw that  Mosaic Reviews reached out to bloggers to review for a company called Hello Fresh!

From their website:

hello fresh

What Is It?

As part of the blogging team, we were each assigned to 1 of 4 weeks of delivery.  There is a different selection of recipes to choose from each week, so each group of bloggers will have different recipes to showcase!

Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription for 3 meal recipes and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients for each of the three recipes.

When making your meal selections, you select if you’d like the Traditional Box, or the Vegetarian Box.  Once you’ve made that selection, you choose if it’s for 2 people or 4 people and enter your zip code.

Because the ingredients are locally-sourced, Hello Fresh is not available in all states ~ check if your state is available here.

How We Used It

I chose the Traditional box for my family.   Our review was for a 1-week 2-person subscription, so I mostly chose foods that I thought my husband and I would like (since my kiddos tend to be….pickier!).

I was a little bit confused when I placed my order, because it didn’t give me the option to make my meal selections at that time.  You actually have to go back into your account after the order is initially placed and select the meals from there.  (according to the website, meal choices are only available at this time for the Classic box).

Orders need to be placed by 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday of the week prior to your ship date.

One week later, this guy showed up on my porch:


That giant white thing on the right-hand side of the bottom right-hand picture (are you still with me? ~ hehe) is a HUGE ice pack  keeping everything nice and cool.  All of the ingredients arrived fresh and in really good shape.

The first recipe that I made was Garlic Roasted Pork Chops with Fennel and Carrots.

Before I go on, I’m going to apologize for my photos.  I’ve realized that I am NOT very good at taking food pics!

pork chops2mk

The fresh Rosemary and Thyme made this dish smell divine!  My husband and I both enjoyed this meal  (despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of pork), and the kiddos ate some of it.  I think the fennel was a little bit too far out for them to eat, so they weren’t so big on that.  😉

The second meal that we made was Chicken Polpetti.  I’ll be honest with you ~ when I first unpacked the box, I thought that the pork chops were chicken breasts.  It wasn’t until I was actually making the pork chop dish that I figured out that the chicken was ground chicken!

chickenpolpettimkLooking at the recipe photo, I assumed this was pretty much like pasta with meatballs.  Since I needed to make food for 4 of us, I did the Chicken Polpetti in one pan, and I made some turkey meatballs in a separate pan.  I had some leftover scallions and onions, so I mixed that in with regular breadcrumbs and the turkey to make the second set of meatballs.

Once we sat down and served up the meal, I was realized that I was very wrong about the meatball assumption ~ this tasted much more like a moist, Chicken Parmigiana!  I was so excited about eating this meal, that I forgot to take pictures of the finished product (oops!).

The whole family loved this recipe, and I will absolutely be making it again.  My husband seemed to really like the “surprise” of having the dijon mustard mixed into the meat.

The third and final recipe was Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl with Chimchurri.  I made this at lunch time, though at the time my husband was heading out of the house.  My intent was to save some of it for him, but I ate it myself over the course of two meals!

sweetpotatoquinoa Collagemk

The chimchurri is made with olive oil, a green chili pepper, garlic, parsley and lemon juice that is then drizzled over the sweet potato, quinoa and avocado.  The chili gave this dish a nice little kick ~ overall a very light and refreshing meal that I will make many, many times!

One thing that I learned while making these recipes is that I really need to cook more with fresh herbs!

I love how the ingredients were portioned so that you don’t have waste leftover.  I’ll admit that I’ve purchased a bunch of parsley, used only what I needed for the one recipe, and let the rest of it (which comes in giant bunches in the grocery store) got to waste.

The only ingredient that wasn’t supplied for my three meals was olive oil, which I already have plenty of on-hand in my cupboard.

How to Get It

The Classic box starts at $9.94 per meal (includes transportation), and the Vegetarian box starts at $8.28 per meal (includes transportation).  e-Gift cards are also available. You can order at their website, www.HelloFresh.com and click on “Our Boxes”.

Questions?  Check out the Hello Fresh FAQ or follow them on Facebook

Who This Is Good For

Hello Fresh is great for anyone that is busy and could use some extra help in the kitchen.

This would also be a great gift for newlyweds, new parents, or someone caring for a sick family member ~ especially if you don’t live close enough to them to drop off a homemade meal!

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