Read-Aloud Funny with my 4-year-old

My 4-year-old and I were reading a Blues Clues library book together for the first time this morning.

I was reading the words, and pausing to let her name what was in the pictures for me.

We got to this page, and I paused waiting for her to say “blocks”.

Her answer was “rojo and azul blocks”.

Now, I understand that I could possibly be the only one that finds this funny, but her answer surprised me so much that I laughed out loud.  {then promptly took a picture and blogged about it, of course!}

A little too much Dora, maybe?   😉

She’s also been saying “arriba, up; abajo down” a lot lately….could be that we need to do more with helping her to learn Spanish?

What funny things have your kiddos surprised you with lately?  Go ahead and post them in the comments ~ I promise to laugh!