Journey to Fit Mamahood: What’s Working {Part 2}

So, a while ago I posted about my Journey to Fit Mamahood, What’s Working.

Since that last post, I’ve been sticking to a pretty good workout routine, and trying to formulate this next post in my head for you all.

Before I go any further, I want to put this out there:

  •  This program does not have an affiliate program.  I am not being compensated in ANY way for telling you about this.  I just love it that much and want to share.
  • I have not received any special review copies, or anything.  I’ve purchased everything so far with my own money,  at the same price that you would purchase them for if you choose to use this program.  I don’t get any bonuses or kickbacks if you choose to use this program.  Well, except for that happiness in my heart that you’re trying something that I love.  🙂

Sound good?  Okay then, moving along.

Somehow or another, I came across Dustin Maher‘s site online. He’s a fitness trainer in his 20’s that focuses his training on moms.  {I love that!}

I purchased his book from Amazon called “Fit Moms For Life: How To Have Endless Energy To Outplay Your Kids“.  {Can you see why that title appealed to me?!}  There was so much great information in this book!  He has recipes, he talks about WHY you should eat certain things (and avoid others), and it just all made sense.  On top of that, he shows some exercises that you can do to get yourself started.  (You can sign up to read a free chapter here, if you’re interested).

As much as I love this book, I’m not disciplined enough to do exercises out of a book and stay with it.  That, and I’m more of a visual learner ~ I need to see the exercises actually being DONE to get it.  (The book has photos in it but I, personally, need more than that).

Dustin also has a 12-dvd program called Fit Moms For Life  that you can purchase as a monthly shipment.  I saw that he was giving away his first workout dvd for just the price of shipping, so I jumped onto that deal.

(just a warning, if you do this you WILL be enrolled in the monthly dvd program, but you can cancel anytime.  You will also be give an opportunity to purchase his other sets at a deeply discounted rate, but they are completely optional).

When I first received the dvd I was in the midst of my second kidney stone and feeling generally BLAH, so I let it sit on a shelf for a couple of weeks.

I started doing the workouts with 5 lb. and 10 lb. dumbbells.  Actually, when I did the strength training the first time through, I had ONE 8 lb. and ONE 10 lb. dumbbell.  Not wanting to stop my teeny, tiny momentum, I went through the strength training with the 8 & 10-pounders, and switched hands halfway through the set.

(not something I recommend doing on a long-term basis, btw.  It was fine for that one time, but a pain in the rear to do – hehe.  I did pick up a second 10 lb weight and all was well).

SOOOO, I MAY have mentioned in my precious posts that I am NOT a fan of cardio.  Blech.  Ick.

When I think of cardio, I think of going for a run (which I stink at), or doing those exercise DVDs with the professional….exercisers that can get through the entire video without their makeup running.

I love that the gals in Dustin’s dvds are real moms.  They overcame real struggles with their weight (complete with an interview and “before” pics).  My favorite part of the workouts is that they are DOABLE.  The first couple of times I did DVD #1, I had to stop before the 3rd weight training circuit, but after doing that a few times, I was able to push through the third one as well.  (This was sort of a mindset issue for me – it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had built it up to be in my head).

I couldn’t FIND my {deflated} yoga ball, so I gave myself the excuse of skipping the cardio and the core workouts.

Turns out that the cardio workouts don’t even use the yoga ball.  Oops.

The strength training DID utilize the yoga ball, but I faked it at first by using the edge of my couch.  Once I found my yoga ball, I quickly learned that using the edge of the couch is not at ALL the same.  😉

When I finally did try out the cardio section, I found out that I had built that up to be way more difficult in my head, as well.  Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be pushing yourself.  But, again, it’s DOABLE.

He does his cardio in what is called “burst training”.  If you’re not familiar with the term, you do three different sets of exercises for 45 seconds each, with a 45 second break in between.  For the second round you do them for 30 seconds each with a 30 second break in between.

I love doing the cardio this way.  You get through it more quickly, and it’s supposed to be 4-5 times more effective than the steady state cardio (like running on a treadmill).

Lately I’ve been trying to do the entire DVD (warmup, strength, cardio, core, cool down) twice a week.  One of these days I’ll get myself to do the cardio and even the core on the non-strength-training days, but so far I’ve been too sore to do it.   🙂

Before I started working out, I took my measurements.  This is something that I generally shy away from, but I’m glad I did this.  Although I can feel that my jeans fit me better now, it was neat to see that within two months I had lost between 1 and 2 inches in each of the areas that I measured.  Woohoo!

If you are part of the Fit Moms For Life dvd program, you have access to a private Facebook group with other folks that participate in the program.  It’s a great place for accountability, as well as for getting information.

Truly, I start feeling kind of garbagey when I start working out, which has been my biggest reason for giving up in the past.  One of the things that I read in the Facebook group is that you need to up your protein intake and take a multivitamin when you start working out.  I think that is the first time that I have heard that, and it has been a big help!

The next thing that I need to do is increase my weights.  Is it wrong that I’m planning to ask for 15 and/or 20 lbs dumbbells for Mother’s Day?  😉

This is the first program that I’ve been truly able to stick to ~ and I’m loving the results so far!

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