Journey to Fit Mamahood: What’s Working {Part 1}

As I mentioned in my last post, I do NOT love exercising.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been learning that much of what holds me back from being more fit is MINDSET.

You know how people give you a list of things that you SHOULD be doing, and your think “yeah, yeah. {Plbbthht!}”.

Well, that’s totally me.  So what I’m telling you here is NOT brand new stuff.

In fact, it’s the things that I’ve been hearing, saying “yeah, yeah. {Plbbthht!}” to, and filing it away in my no-way-will-I-ever-do-this mental folder.

Nice, right?

The good news is that now that I’m actually doing these things, I’m able to stay on track better and they’re actually working for me.  So, without further ado, I’ll tell you what those things are and why they work.

1. Set a specific goal

WAIT!  Don’t run off yet, please.  (take the mouse AWAY from that little “x”!)  Hear me out for a minute, okay?

I had been saying “I want to lose X number of pounds.”, or “I want to lose weight by the summer.”

One day it occurred to me that I wanted to lose X number of pounds by my hubby’s & my son’s birthday (their bdays are one day apart.  I guess I could have chosen one or the other, but yeah, I lumped them together).

THIS is keeping me motivated!

2. Have Someone Hold You Accountable

I told my husband and a few family members what my specific goal was so that I would be less likely to slack off on it. {It’s just embarrassing when you don’t keep up with it, right?}

Telling my sister was very helpful – she reminded me to break it down into smaller goals to help keep me on track.  Right now I have it broken down to a certain number of pounds per month so I can gauge how well I’m doing, and whether or not I need to step up my efforts.

3. Find An Exercise That You LOVE To Do

Have I mentioned that I don’t love exercising?

I started doing Dustin Maher’s Fit Moms For Life dvds (more on that in my next post).  One of the things that he has you do in the videos is strength training.  I’ve always loved doing weights, but I had forgotten that I enjoyed that.  (sounds silly, I know.)

Now I actually look forward to my strength training sessions, and that keeps me going.

4. Make An Appointment With Yourself to Work Out – and Keep It!

This is another one of THOSE things that I filed away to never do.  Blech.  Or, I would vaguely say “Oh yeah, I’ll work out when I get home from work.”  Well, that wasn’t ever happening.   Just recently, I found that if I come in and do a workout video once my son gets on the bus that I would actually stick with it.  Of course, the added benefit is that I felt great for the rest of the day!

So find a realistic time that works for you.  If you’re like me and  know you won’t get up at 5 or even 6 to work out, don’t set yourself up to fail.   Look at your schedule, block out the time that you want to workout and don’t break your appointment with yourself.  🙂

5. Have a Picture of Your End-Goal In Mind

Yes, I want to be fit and toned.  But most of all, I want to actually have the energy to keep up with my kiddos.  My energy has been severely lacking for a loooooong time, and I’m done living that way.  When I feel a little bit discouraged, or I find myself making excuses for not wanting to work out (and eat healthy!) I remind myself of my end goal, which gives me just the kick in the rear that I need.  😉

{These kids have WAY more energy than I do!}

 So, there you have it.  Simple things that really have been making a difference for me once I started implementing them.

I want to talk a little bit about this exercise DVD that I’m loving right now in my next post.  I found some ways to avoid trying the cardio, etc., so I want to break it down and show you how easy the segments really are.

{Again, it’s all about the mindset!}

What other practical tips would you add to this list?