Preparing for a Doozy of a Storm

Here in CT we’re preparing for 1-2 FEET of snow between today and tomorrow (oy!).

We have been very fortunate during the last several storms where there were massive power outages all up and down the East Coast.  Being on the same power grid as the Police Department, we’ve only lost power for a few hours or not at all.  (Most people that I know lost it for up to 8 days!).

I realized today that I was allowing those past experiences to make me complacent about prepping for the storm today.

Sure, I filled my car up with gas and picked up some groceries yesterday.  I finished up my work for the week so I wouldn’t have to drive through the storm today with the kiddos. We went to the library yesterday and stocked up on a BOATLOAD of books.

However, with that much snow falling in such a short amount of time, it occurred to me that I can’t count on us not losing power.

This morning I’ve been busy doing all of the things that might drive me crazy to NOT be able to do if we don’t have power:

  • we’re all showered/bathed
  • I cleaned the bathroom
  • I cleaned the overflowing sink full of dishes….
  • several loads of laundry
  • filled the bathtub
  • filled up some containers of drinking water

Also, I realized that I didn’t really pick up anything that we could eat if we are without power for an extended length of time (I even forgot to get bread!).  I have the bread machine going right now, and I’m trying to figure out if I can prepare a couple of quick meals to eat that don’t require heating….

Any food suggestions?  Is there anything else that I missed?

The kiddos and I measured 24″ on them ~ the snow would come up to my girl’s waist and my boy’s behind.  OY!

Just to give you an idea, here are some pics of a giant snowfall from 2 years ago:



Stay safe, everyone!





PS – In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, God has blessed me with a new business venture, making and selling these swirly scarves!


  1. Yes. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
    David Ryan recently

  2. I’m praying you are well – maintain power and water – and have some serious fun building snow forts!