Indoor Snow Fun

The other day I was headed to work, and needed a project to keep my little one occupied (she comes to work with me).

We have A LOT of snow outside – in fact, this was a picture from a storm that we had a few weeks ago that dumped three feet of snow in one weekend:


I had a fun idea, and gathered some supplies to bring with us:

When we got to work, we grabbed a bowl full of snow.

I invited her to use different sized scoops to form snow balls, and use the various kitchen tools in any way that she wished.



The only rules that I set for her were:

  1. Try not to make TOO big of a mess.
  2. If her hands started to get too cold, to take a break.

All in all she had fun – this is going into my “mommy arsenal” for future projects to keep them busy!  🙂



  1. Well that looks fun!
    Shaun Hoobler recently dev empire review