Date Night: Enabling Us to Be Better Parents

As parents of young kids, it’s easy to get so caught up in raising our children, that we forget to nurture our adult relationships.  I know that in the past I have felt guilty for taking time for myself.

OR, I put so much into being a Mommy that I forget how to be a wife, too.

At my last MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, one of the moms shared that she told her kids that when Mommy and Daddy have a date night, it allows them to be better parents.  (Or, when Mommy has time to herself, that it’s allowing her to be a better mommy).

The truth of that struck me HARD.

In fact, I wish somebody had told me that before we ever had kids.

I’ve read about people who pour their everything into their children, and by the time they’re off doing their own thing, the husband and wife no longer know each other very well.

That is NOT what I want for my family!

So, new moms, soon-to-be moms (and seasoned moms who haven’t learned this for yourselves, yet) – let THE MOST IMPORTANT relationship in your house (aside from your relationship with God) be with your husband.

This is something that I’m trying to teach my kids.  It isn’t always easy, but I’m working on it.  🙂

We had the opportunity to go out for dinner over the Valentine’s weekend, and it was so nice just to talk and laugh with one another (and eat a whole meal without getting up 9,000 times, or telling anyone to stay in their seat or to take another bite – hehe).

We even went out for a coffee afterward, and had a little chuckle over this:



Do you do date nights often?  Do you have any tips for date-nights-in?

Stay tuned for my next post where I talk about something that not a lot of people seem to be talking about, and share a great resource for you!