I’m Still Here….

I know I’ve been really quiet around here, lately.

There’s been a lot of….ick going on that has been emotionally draining, and it’s not stuff I can write about here.  We’re okay, though, and I do have some fun things that I plan to talk about over here.

Living in CT, and having young kiddos, I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the Newtown tragedy before I start posting other things of a more light-hearted nature.  We’re grieving for the families that lost their kiddos and their loved ones, and we are praying for strength and peace for everyone of that little town.

Despite living in a small state (you can get from one end to the other in two hours or less), I hadn’t heard of Newtown before last Friday.  If you want to see the town in a different light, visit SimpleHomeschool.net ~ Jamie lives in Newtown and shares the view from her side of things.  (It’s a nice post).

Also, my bloggy friend Kathy has started a Facebook group selling angels to support Newtown, CT if you are looking for a way to help.

One more thing, before I go ~ if you have $5 and are a total e-book junkie like I am (or if you know someone that will be blessed by this bundle), Joy of 5J’s has an ebook bundle available with some great titles in it.  It’s valued at (at least!) $50, and ALL of the proceeds go to help out her cousin who is taking in a family of TEN children because their mother has terminal cancer and she wants to help keep the siblings together.

Now, go love on your children and be blessed!

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