With the Children on Sundays {TOS #homeschool review}


With the Children on Sundays  by Sylvanus Stall and Grace and Truth Books is a collection of Biblical teachings for children, first published in 1893, and then brought back into print in 1995.

From the website:

Filled with many of the most delightful family readings you’ll find anywhere, from an author with great skill in presenting Bible truths in a form which grips the eye, holds the mind’s attention, and wins the heart of a child for Christ. Many call this the finest book for family worship they have ever used.

There are 52 chapters, each including an object lesson, relevant Scripture/Biblical application, and questions to ask of the children.  There are drawings throughout the book (I love the ones that show the old-time cameras!), and the preface includes black-and-white portraits of Dr. Stall with his daughter and grandchildren acting out some of the church portions.

Mr. Stall has also included a chapter filled with suggestions for parents on how to carry out these lessons, and a section with questions and answers from the Bible along with the Scripture reference  where those answers can be found..

This book is meant for parents or Sunday School teachers. Still, I can’t help but picture a white-haired pastor presenting these fantastic objects and saying the words in these lessons to pews full of boys and girls in their Sunday best.  🙂

One of the object lessons that struck me the most in terms of the object used is entitled “Coal and Wood: Jesus the Source of Spiritual Light and Warmth.”  The suggested objects are:

 “a piece of wood, a piece of coal, a candle and a piece of electric light carbon, such as are daily thrown away in town where the arc lighting is used.”

(I love how old-fashioned that sounds!)

While some of the words used are a bit….big for my little ones {he used “sagacious”.  I do pretty well with the big words, but I had to look that one up.}, the lessons themselves are fantastic lessons about character, and about Jesus.

Here’s a small excerpt from the lesson called “Sowing”:

Sometimes you see boys and girls who are doing things which you would like to do, but your mother and father tell you that you should not.  You may not be pleased because you are restrained from doing what you would like to do.   I well remember how my father, when I was a boy, oftentimes used to restrain me from doing what I saw other boys doing.  I used to think, at that time, that he was not considerate, and possibly not kind to me.  But now that I have grown older, and have seen the results which have come to those boys, some of whom have gone astray, and others who have turned out badly in life, I see how wise my father was.  Although I did not feel at the time that he was doing that which was for my good; now I see it all very plainly.

YES!!!  I remember feeling this way as a child with my own parents, and yet, sometimes we forget those feelings when we’re trying to correct our own children.    What child doesn’t struggle with wanting to do what the other kids are doing?    Of  course, Mr. Stall also has a Biblical application for this, as well.

I intend to continue using this resource with my own two kids, but I also plan to share it with my Pastor (who is not the elderly Pastor that I pictured in the beginning of my post ~ hehe!) to see if he would be interested in using some of the lessons in his own Children’s talks.

You can  purchase a 7″ x 10″ paperback copy of  With the Children on Sundays  for $17.50.  This book is no longer being printed, and limited copies are available.

Grace and Truth Books is a Christian, family-owned publishing company lead by Dennis and Naomi Gundersen, and run with the help of their four sons.  The name of their company comes from John 1:17  “grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”  Go here to learn more about them!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.