So Maybe You Can’t Pack a Shoebox By Monday….

Operation Christmas Child is an outreach program of Samaritan’s Purse, and it is a beautiful way to share God’s love to the needy at Christmas time!

I had never heard of OCC before my Pastor and his family introduced it to our church in 2006.

Have you heard of it before?

What to do:

Decide if you are going to collect items for a boy or a girl, and for which age range:

  • 2-4
  • 5-9
  • 10-14

Take a shoebox (or the plastic rectangular boxes that are approximately the size of a shoebox) and fill it with:

  • toys
  • hard candies
  • hygiene items (combs, soap, hairbands/hair ties, deoderant, etc. ~ no liquids are allowed, though)
  • hats, socks, gloves, sunglasses
  • school items ~ pencils & pencil sharpeners, erasers, stickers, stamps & stamp pads, solar calculators
  • some people include a Bible
  • find other suggestions here.  If you have battery-powered things, be sure to include extra batteries.  No toys that represent war/fighting, please!

You can choose to wrap it if you’d like, just remember to wrap the lid separately.

Attach a check for $7 and a label, or pay online so you can follow your box to its destination.

Bring it to a drop-off location near you, and pray for the recipient of your shoebox!


But WAIT!  The last day is this Monday…..!

Remember the title to this post?  It’s supposed to be what you can do if you CAN”T pack a shoebox by this Monday and find a drop-off location.  There are a few ways that you can still participate!


1. Use the brand new Build-a-Box Feature!


You can even pay for a friend or co-worker to build a box, and they will be sent an invitation to build their own box online!

This option looks like a lot of fun ~ you choose if you want your box to be for a boy or a girl, the age group, and then drag and drop the items into the “box”.  A volunteer will then pack the box for you.  You may also add a photo of yourself and/or a personalized note, if you want to.


2. Adopt a Box

Some people can’t afford to fill a shoebox (or shoeboxes) AND pay for the shipping, as well.  By adopting a box, you’ll pay the $7 to cover the cost of shipping for one (or more, if you choose!) box.


Planning Ahead

Don’t wait until November to start packing your box for next year!  By shopping back-to-school sales and other deals, you can actually pack a box for very little money!



Our MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group has gotten together the last two years and packed several shoeboxes.  Each person buys a few bulk items and that way we work together to get the shoeboxes packed ~ a fun service project to do with friends!