The Challenge of Keeping a Wiggly Kiddo Still When He’s Sick…..

My boy is home sick today.  He coughs until he vomits, and for *some* reason, they don’t want him doing that at school.   😉

I’ve always struggled to keep up with his energy – once he learned to move as a  baby, he would MOVE!  And keeping him from running around when he’s sick can be tough.

As active as he is, he’s always been able to sit still for a good book – or a good PILE of books.  My favorite time is just after we’ve checked out our 2o or 30 books from the library, and the kiddos go through their piles.  SILENCE.  And peace.  It. Is. FANTASTIC.

This is a great trick for Friday nights, if you want to sleep later than 6am on Saturday mornings….!  Pile the books up in their rooms, and they’ll look through them to give you a couple of extra Z’s.  {if your kids are like mine, though, it’s best to give them new-to-them books – meaning, if you’ve had them checked out for a couple of weeks already, this might not work as well.}

Anyway, this is one of the few things that is keeping him still today:

We were first introduced to The Sugar Creek Gang by Hal & Melanie Young from Raising Real Men.  They sent us the first audio story when I ordered a book from their site, and my boy LOVED it.

We’re currently reviewing this series – a review will be coming soon!

 UPDATE:  My boy managed to get himself stuck on the stairs – because he TIED the drawstring on his pants around the bannister – while he was wearing them.  Is that a boy thing??  Or just MY boy??  Yeesh!   😀