{For Crafters} I Just Found Another Great Way to Use the Reading Ruler!

I updated my Crossbow Eye-Level Reading Ruler Review just now because we came across another way that it helps us.

My son is doing a latch-hook project (of a dog ~ his FAVORITE type of animal), and the pattern is a giant pain to follow.  It has row-upon-row of symbols representing the different colored pieces of yarn that come together to make up the picture. {If you’re a cross-stitcher, you probably have similar patterns to this.}

I keep losing which row we’re on, which will mess up the whole picture if I tell him the wrong symbols.

I just realized that we can use the Reading Ruler to help us keep our place:

{Our pattern is a little bit beat up, sorry.  For that matter, so is our Reading Ruler.  We’re hard on things, but we still make it work}

Pretty neat, right?



  1. Cool idea! That is exactly how our favorite colors of the Reading Rulers ended up…..we just couldn't see taking the time to put into a clear bag after each use! Stopping by from the Crew!