CrossBow Education Eye Level Reading Rulers {TOS #homeschool review}


Crossbow Education is a Christian Family business dedicated to helping people with Dyslexia and Visual Stress (Irlen Syndrome).

We had the opportunity to review their Eye Level Reading Rulers as a part of the TOS Crew.

From the website:

The Eye Level Reading Ruler is a colored overlay text highlighter about the size of a six-inch ruler. Discreet and portable, the reading ruler is made of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic that both underlines the text and highlights it in a colored tint. Simply read the text through either of the tinted plastic strips of your selected color, and track down the page: broad strip for paragraphs; narrow strip for single lines.

We received a 10-pack of the reading rulers, each one a different color.  The colors to select from are:

  • yellow
  • celery
  • grass
  • jade
  • aqua
  • sky
  • purple
  • magenta
  • pink
  • orange


The reading rulers are made of a thin plastic material.  The top reading window is 1/2″  tall and is meant for one line of large text or two lines of small text.  The bottom window is 1 1/4″ tall.

The instructions encourage you to try all of the different colors as you read to see which one looks the best to you.  Different colors may work better at different times depending on the lighting, as well.

My son preferred to use the orange reading ruler.  For his purposes, we used the smaller (1/2″) reading window.

I’ve noticed in the past that as he’s reading, his eyes will jump ahead a line by mistake so he ends up combining two sentences.  Up until recently he has been a very reluctant reader, and when that happened it would increase his frustration.

The reading rulers isolate the lines to prevent this kind of thing from happening, and in turn helps him to focus better and reduces his frustration level.


The reading rulers can be further trimmed to either make the window narrower, or so that it fits better inside paperback novels, etc.

Because they are made of plastic, they do scratch very easily.  Despite the warning that this could happen, we did scratch them up quite a bit.  Fortunately, this doesn’t affect the reading area enough to prohibit reading through it.

Although these are designed with people with reading disabilities in mind, I think it’s fantastic for all beginning readers.


I just found another GREAT way to use the Eye-Level Reading Ruler!

My son is doing a latch-hooking project, and the pattern can be a little bit of a pain to follow.  Insert Reading Ruler ~ not it’s A LOT easier to keep our place:










The 10-pack of eye level readers is available for $16.95.  A 5-pack is available for $9.45.  Plain window readers are also available (that don’t have the divider to make it two separate windows).



Disclaimer: I received a complimentary 10-pack of Eye Level Reading Rulers in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.