I Can Do It Myself! {Preschool Learning}



One of the things that I love the most about the preschool age is watching all of the ways that my little one is learning to exercise her independence.

Her newest thing is to make her own jelly sandwich, and now she can even cut it herself!

She LOVES helping me out around the house!

Here are some other ways that she is learning to be independent/self-sufficient that you can try with your little ones:

  • I keep water for her in a small plastic pitcher in the refrigerator.  It’s perfect for her little hands, and she can refill her cup whenever she needs to.  She has also gotten to the point where she will stand on a chair at the kitchen sink and refill the pitcher.  🙂  (She still needs help unscrewing the lid of the pitcher, but lately she’s been filling it through the hole in the lid).
  • She cracks eggs for me when we’re cooking (she does a surprisingly good job!).
  • She likes to set the table for me – she asks to do this, which is lucky for me because I don’t always think to suggest it.
  • She helps me sort the laundry and she folds her own (she rolls everything up – it’s too cute).   I also have her putting away her own laundry in her drawers.
  • She dresses herself each day and oftentimes picks out her own outfits.
  • We have a morning routine of feeding the dog that she does with a little bit of help and guidance from me.
  • She loves helping me make homemade pizzas (I have pictures and more info for another post).
  • Sometimes I’ll spray down mirrors or windows for her and give her the task of wiping them clean for me.

At this age she has a real desire to be independent and do everything herself.  By creating an environment that allows this, I not only get a little bit of extra help around the house, but I am also teaching her necessary life skills.

I hope you found this helpful!  What else do you do that could be added to this list?


  1. That's so cute to see your daughter learn and be willing to do it with no fuss. It's amazing what children learn just simply by watching their parents do simple everyday tasks. Independence is RIGHT…its good to let children think for themselves and learn.. 🙂