Where Has the Summer Gone?

Wow, is this summer really flying by, or what?!

It feels like we’re non-stop running around these days, so I’ve only been around long enough here to post occasional reviews.

We’ve been immersed in birthdays, swimming lessons, sports camp for my oldest, working part-time, Vacation Bible School, planning my sister’s Jack & Jill in a few weeks (co-ed wedding shower-type thing), and being a “new mommy” to this sweet gal:

She’s cute, but a handful!  We’ve gone back to potty training (wasn’t I JUST celebrating being done with my little one?), and we’re going to puppy kindergarten and learning how to train her.  (and there’s weekly homework – lots of it!)

So I do apologize for not being here much.  We have a few more weeks of all-out crazy, and then I THINK it will calm down for a little bit.

(I THOUGHT we were supposed to be slowing down in the summertime!)   Truly, I’m not complaining though.  We are truly blessed, and we’re enjoying running around ~ for a little while!

I do have a couple of fun posts bumping around in my brain, but I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write them yet.  I also have some reviews that need to be written as well….so I’ll be back soon.  I promise!

What fun things have you been doing this summer?  Is the summer generally a slower time for your family, or a busier time? 




  1. I haven't been posting so much either – busy busy – getting back into the swing of things here little at a time!