When Homeschooling Is No Longer the Answer…..

My boy and I have been struggling this past year.  Not so much with the SCHOOLING part itself, but more about all of the other times.  (Did I mention that he’s EXTREMELY strong-willed?!)

I’ve spent a LOT of time crying out to God (and complaining that “I can’t do this anymore”).

Well, it turns out that the decision has been taken out of my hands.  My husband has proclaimed that my 7-year-old is going to public school this year.  Period.  End of discussion.

(that sound that you hear is the sound of my heart breaking, btw).

Despite our struggles, I have loved being able to teach my boy as well as giving him the flexibility to learn in a way that is tailored to his learning style, interests, and abilities.

So, his journey through public school starts this Tuesday.  And I hate it.  (fortunately, my son is excited about his new journey.)

Despite my strong feelings about the situation, I feel God whispering to my heart “Trust Me“.

And I’m trying.  It’s not easy, but I know that it is what He is requiring of me.

We will still be doing product reviews for homeschool-type products, and I will be spending this year homeschooling my preschooler.

At the moment I plan to use the Read to Me & ABC program from Walking by the Way in addition to the Letter of the Week program from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler with her.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?  How did you handle it?  {oh, and if you’re the praying-type, we could certainly use prayers this week!)



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  2. oops – Okay, so it looks like I entered your blog via an older post! ( I'm the one that commented for a about a mile on an older post ) I see now that you have entered your son in public school. ; ) I'm hoping everything is going well. I understand how difficult it must have been to homeschool him (really, really I do!) and I understand how hard it must be for you to let him go to public school (really, really I do!) It is a very good thing that he was excited – that does help! Well, I should start reading up on your more current blogs before I post anymore! I feel a bit foolish now and I didn't mean to cause any concern. Many, many people have great experiences in public school and in many cases can allow the relationship between parent-child to be even better! Plus you can use all your great homeschooling skills to help with homework. You'll be ahead of the game there! Another thing you could consider is getting an IEP in place – even if you don't think he needs one now. Best wishes!

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      No problem, I'm grateful that for your encouragement, and that you shared your story. Thank you!