“D” Is for Dinosaur ~ Moms of MasterBooks Review

Growing up, we seemed to have conflicting information on whether or not dinosaurs and humans co-existed.  I don’t know if I’m remembering what we were actually taught in school, or if watching the Flintstones just overrode everything else that I learned.  🙂

My dino-loving kiddos like watching shows like Dino Dan, but according to Dan the dinos died out before humans ever walked the earth.

It wasn’t until I started questioning these “facts” as an adult that I discovered that the Bible talks about large creatures that we believe to be dinosaurs.

Ken Ham has written an excellent resource for kids that teach them the truths of Genesis in a rhyme, with a point corresponding with each letter of the alphabet.

Much like the “A” is for Adam book, this book stands up on its own, allowing the kids to see the illustrated pages, while the parents (or Sunday School teachers) can read not only the text that the kids see, but also Scripture that support what the text is saying, “Bible Bits” that gives you the words to use that breaks the scripture down for kids in a way that they can understand, questions to ask, and hands-on activities to drive home the lessons.

E is for Everything that swims in the seas,
Made on day five, with the birds in the trees,
He also created the great Plesiosaur;
Reading God’s Word, we can know this for sure.

I love how on the teacher’s page for the letter “E”, the “Always Remember” section says the following to the kids (that they are to repeat back):

 Some people will tell you that everything in the world is just an accident.  But God’s Word is very clear that He had a plan, and on the fifth day of creation, His plan was to make all the sea creatures and the birds.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of “D” is for Dinosaurs in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.  No monetary compensation was received.