12 {Semi-}Quiet Activities for Kids

A Facebook friend asked for some quiet-time activities for kids 6-years-old and under, so Annie, this is for you!


  • Homemade Play Dough.  I make a huge blob of it (all of the same color, otherwise we have fights about the colors being mixed together).
    Give the kids cookie cutters, rolling pins, tooth picks and kid-safe cutting knives.  You can even take a paper towel or wrapping paper tube and glue foam shapes on it.   When the kids roll it through the play-dough, it will leave the impression of the shapes behind.
  • Bubbles!  What kid doesn’t like blowing bubbles?
    I just saw an idea recently (that I was hoping to try out tomorrow) where you put some food coloring into the bubble solution and let the kids blow bubbles at paper – easy bubble painting!
  • Sidewalk Chalk.  Have the kids make a road and a city on the driveway and they can ride their bikes up and down the road/in between the buildings.
  • Make an Indoor City. Once, my boy and I taped paper all along the floor and made a huge road/train track.  Give them cars and trains and they can have at it!
  • Marshmallow Forts.  I saw a suggestion recently where you give the kids marshmallows and toothpicks and let them build forts, buildings, teepees – whatever they want with them!
  • Craft time.  We love doing craft projects in our house.  There are some great websites that have printable crafts listed on my Helpful Sites page.
    Even if you just give them a pile of supplies – construction paper, crayons, markers, glue (or glue sticks) and things they can glue onto their papers, a lot of times the kids will surprise you with their creations!  (I have some easy kid crafts as well).
    If you don’t mind them getting a little messy, here’s another fun one that I wrote a while back for another site ~Scratch Art)
  • Giant Spider Web.  Give them a ball of yarn/string and tell them to make a giant web with it.  My son likes to wrap it all over every piece of furniture in the house.  (Sometimes this DOES make me a little batty….just a word of warning!)
  • Puzzles.  Have the kids work individually or work together to assemble age-appropriate puzzles.  (The dollar store has some pretty good ones.)
  • Activity Books.  If you head to the dollar store to pick up some puzzles, grab some coloring/activity-books while you’re there!
  • Measuring Cups/spoons.  Send them to the sandbox or give them a tub of uncooked rice, water or beans.  Let them mix, pour, measure –> this is one of those things that may be best for them to do OUTSIDE, though.
  • Treasure Hunts.  Tell the kids to hide a toy somewhere in the house and draw treasure maps for the other kids and/or give them clues to help them find it.
  • Balloon Bop.  Okay, this one probably won’t be a quiet one.  Ever.  But if you don’t mind a lot of giggling, it’s a LOT of fun!  Blow up a balloon (or several balloons!) and let them “bop” it back and forth to one another – don’t let it touch the ground!!  {This one can also be played in the backyard.  It’s fun EVERY time!}


Hope that helps!


  1. Sorry it took me so long to comment – but we have been busy around here doing these activities! THANK YOU for this list! I tweeted it cause it is so fabulous!