Why Your Kids NEED to Play Outside….And So Do You!

I’ve been pretty darn sick for the last month with this darn kidney stone.  Some people say that it is worse than giving birth in terms of pain….the jury is still out on that one.  Let’s just say that it is EXTREMELY painful….and the sick feeling that comes with it just makes everything worse.

As a result, we have been spending way too much time inside.

And we’re all feeling the effects of it.

Grumpy attitudes.




I’ll admit, I’ve never been terribly good at getting the kiddos outside regularly.  I’ll go through spurts where we spend lots of time outside, sure.  And we ALL benefit from it.

Research has shown that kids NEED to be outside.  Outside play gets their creative juices flowing.

A LACK of free playtime outside has been known to raise their stress levels and cause them to have more meltdowns.

And the Vitamin D, mommas.  The sun is the best, natural resource of Vitamin D.  When your levels are low, you start feeling more depressed.

So GO.  Play outside.  Sit out there with a good book or a handcraft if you can’t run around (assuming they’re old enough to play on their own somewhat).

I won’t claim to UNDERSTAND them when they’re playing, but I do know that what they’re doing is good for their souls.

This was a pretty mild day, and yet my boy (who will be 7 next month) is in a raincoat (no rain in sight), snow pants (nope, no snow, either!), and snow boots (ditto).

It turns out that this was his response to “please don’t get all wet and muddy.  Your father will be home soon and he’s taking you both out with him.”

Though, he claims not to have heard the part about going out with Daddy…..because the next thing I knew, the two of them were PAINTING mud on their arms and legs.  OY!

The moral of the story?

Take the kiddos outside.  Let them play freely.  They will thank you – and you’ll feel a LOT better!