7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom Day #3 – Beer & Cigarettes?

Welcome back to Day 3 of 7 Days of Hope for the Weary Homeschooling Mom!  Don’t forget to check out Day 1 & Day 2 if you haven’t already.

I wasn’t sure about the title of this one, at first…..but having read the section, I understand that feeling of desperation and wanting to just sink into something outside of that teeny tiny world that is jam-packed with diapers, and poo, and noise, and screaming and meltdowns.

I often turned to chocolate chip and m&m cookies….which I am now trying to work OFF.  Some nights were have-a-beer nights (after hubby got home)…..know what I mean?

It’s really easy to feel isolated when you have a child that is so much MORE than the kids that your friends have.  You feel them looking at you, judging.  Wondering what’s wrong with your child, or that there must be something that YOU are doing wrong in your parenting.

I have a special place in my heart for kids that are similar to my oldest – and for their moms.  I love sharing a grin with the moms when their kids show their strong-willed-ness (not a word?  It is now!) – because I want to let them know that it’s okayI get it.  I’ve walked that path every day for the last 6-going-on-7 years, and I know how hard it can be!

And more days than not I WANT to pull out my hair and scream “WHY???!  WHY ME, GOD?!  WHY US??”

But you know what?  Somehow, God has equipped us in a special way to parent our kids.  (It is not for the faint-of-heart, let me tell you!)

And I believe that he uses outlets like this one here for us to find one another and support each other!

That’s what Brooke talks about in this section.  We’re not alone in this walk.  There are other moms that are experiencing what we are, or have experienced it very recently.

It’s okay that we’re not always strong enough, or that we don’t always know what we’re doing.  Brooke reminds us of this scripture:

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will
boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ,
then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then
I am strong.”
~2 Corinthians 12:9-10 {ESV}


I don’t know about you, but one of our reasons for choosing to homeschool was my boy’s personality.  He needs to move to learn, he’s VERY wiggly, and he gets frustrated VERY easily.  He’s also extremely bright and soaks things up like a sponge – IF it’s something that he is interested in at the time.  (And if it’s not, Mommy needs to learn to be flexible and find a different way to teach it, or to just follow his interests.  It’s a humbling experience).

Those same traits that convicted me to homeschool him are also what can drive me completely batty and set the Wheel of Doubt spinning….would he be better off at school?  Should I stand in the road when that big yellow bus comes by and flag it down?

I don’t know if you saw the comments back on Day 1, but Stacie was mentioning how God seems to use her kids to show her to rely fully on Him, and to stretch and grow her.  She wonders if that growth would necessarily be possible if the kids were away from her all day.

I love that switch in perspective!  Rather than lamenting how HARD it can be being with the kids all day, I could choose to look at it from the view point that God is using me to build them for His kingdom, but also that He is using THEM to strengthen ME for His kingdom.

Brooke closes this section with these words:

Boast in the fact that you’re not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, NOT ENOUGH to be a good mom.

And watch what God does. Boast. Be honest about where you are, who you are,  and who you’re not.

Wiggle out of that straight jacket as Jesus turns the key with HIS mighty right hand and let Him be strong for you.

He’s waiting to make His strength perfect in your weakness friends.

Boast in your weakness, and then be truly strong.

Our discussion questions for today:

1. Where do you usually turn for relief? Can you relate to the story Brooke shared in this chapter of feeling completely overwhelmed?

2. Have you gotten to the place of total breakdown? What did it look like for you?

3. (Optional – feel free to write this down for yourself, but don’t feel like you have to post it here if you are uncomfortable doing soIf you choose not to share it here, I do encourage that you share it with somebody close to you!)

God wants us to boast about our weaknesses so His power can be freed up to work in our lives.   Share five ways you aren’t enough.

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  1. Castrodaryl says:

    I’m not enough. I’m quick to anger – I have expectations that my boys most often don’t meet like “clean as you go!”. I want what I want – complete my to-do list & accomplish my homeschool plan for the day. I want things around me to be neat & organized – definitely not possible with boys! I get tired – physically, emotionally. I am not able to love unconditionally.
    Without God, being a mom to boys that are strong willed & full of energy is mission impossible! Thank you Lord for being my strength!

  2. Great article Stephanie. I laughed when I read your comment about flagging down the school bus. Would your kids be getting on the bus or would you? "Bye kids, have a nice day, Mommy is going to school." (LOL)

    Many times I've said to myself, "I deserve this ice cream. I've had a rough day." Thank you for the reminder to "Cast all my worries and cares on God " for He cares for me (1 Peter 5). He will give us peace if we go to Him.

    Del Hickson http://www.TheLifeCoach.com