When God’s Answer Is Not the One You Were Expecting……

Just a Little Break

I’ve been whining crying hoping for a break lately.  Just a little bit of Mommy downtime.  A break from obligations, and jumping up every 3.5 seconds to referee, or to feed the bottomless pits that we call “children’s bellies”.  Oh, and a vacation from work.

I’ve also allowed my computer time to become a false idol.  Ouch.  That hurts to say out loud.  But it was when I recognized that that I was able to pray for forgiveness and for help to put my computer time in its rightful place.

An Answer to Prayer??

A week ago Monday (after a fabulous Mother’s Day), I started feeling kind of icky.  For the first two days, I chalked it up to something that gals just have to deal with every 28 days or so, just on a much more intense level.  (sorry if that’s too much information….but it’s the truth).

Then came Wednesday……I was vomiting non-stop and had to call hubby and ask him to leave work early.  (not something that I do very often!)   From Wednesday until Friday, I only got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and I wasn’t able to keep anything down (hubby stayed home with the kiddos both days as I was completely useless to them).

We tried anti-nausea pills that you dissolve on your tongue on Thursday night, but those didn’t do the trick.  When I called the doctor back to let them know that the pills weren’t working, they sent me to the ER to get some IV fluids.

My sweet sister took me to the hospital and stayed with me (making me laugh – I LOVE that gal!) while I was hooked up.  In the process, they discovered that I had a kidney stone.  Ugh.  I’ve never had one of these stinkers before.  (They HURT!)

Back to bed I went, but I was still vomiting for another couple of days.

My sweet little girl (who is 3) came down with the stomach bug on Saturday morning, and was tired and listless all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  We called the pediatrician on Sunday, and they said that she needed to go to the ER.

My hubby took her to the Children’s hospital, and several hours later she came home looking a tiny bit better.  They had given her anti-nausea meds too, and she was finally able to keep her water down that she previously would drink so thirstily and vomit back up within a few minutes.

Grateful for Help

My husband’s work gave him a hard time about the days that he missed, and basically told him that he couldn’t miss anymore days.  Fortunately, my mom, my dad and my mother-in-law were each able to take a different day to take care of the kiddos – I was STILL stuck in bed.

Yesterday was my first day on my own with the kiddos, and for the most part it was okay.  My aunt and my cousin called about mid-afternoon and offered to come over – right around the time that I realized I had overdone it for the day.

It is now Friday and I am on the mend, but this darn kidney stone has yet to pass.  I am on my own yet again today, and it’s been a rougher day than yesterday.  My mom called a little while ago letting me know that she is around and able to come help.  (phew!)

Oh, and my mom, my dad, and several sweet friends provided yummy meals for us to eat.

The Good News

In truth, I did get the break that I was hoping for – just not the way that I had in mind!  Having that bit of time away allowed me to “reset” and to be calmer with the kiddos (for the most part), and I find myself enjoying our time together much more.

I have also had less of a desire to be on or near the computer.  I still am on it (obviously), but striving to give it MUCH less of my time and attention. {My house is benefiting from less computer time, too – haha!}

In addition to all of that, I have been making more time for reading the Bible, and I feel the softening in my heart that I’ve been praying for.  God is taking this heart of stone, and replacing it with one of flesh – Praise Him!

On another upside, my depression has REALLY been under control – I switched meds about a week before I got sick, and it feels like they’re doing the job that we pay them to do.  🙂

Have you ever dealt with a kidney stone?  Any tips on helping this stinker pass?  An online friend of mine gave me some advice that has really stuck in my head – she said to drink more fluids than I’ve ever wanted to in my entire life.

Really good advice, given that I stink at drinking anything regularly other than coffee.  (which I am off of, by the way…..after 3 days of a severe caffeine headache, we won’t be creating a dependency upon THAT again!)

Although I’m not thankful for the pain, I am grateful for the interspersed blessings that I mentioned here.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and your well wishes!






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