Top 10 Things to Do with Photos So They’re Readily Shared

There are a lot of things you can do to make an average photo truly shine. Sometimes it’s not the photo itself, but what you do to a photo that makes it stand out.
Here are ten different ways you can prepare your photos so they’re readily shared.

#1 – Use Humor

Humor gets shares. Some of the highest trafficked websites on the internet get traffic solely from their “humor factor”.
Try to add a funny line or two to your image to maximize the humor value.



#2 – Add an Inspiring Line

If you have a spectacular image, sometimes all you need is to find the perfect inspiring quote to make the image really stand out.


#3 – Be Controversial

Being controversial will tick some people off. But the people who agree with you will be much more compelled to share the image. You’ll get more likes and more shares, as well as a more loyal fan base.


#4 – Use Memes

Memes are like running inside jokes on the internet. Memes are particularly powerful for getting traction on sites like Reddit or StumbleUpon. Memes change over time, but certain ones do stick.


Browse the social media sites to see which memes are “in” at the moment. Then incorporate some of the current memes into your image.


#5 – Turn It Into an Infographic

One great way you can add power to your images is to combine them with other images and turn it into an infographic. Infographics get wide adoption on both social media sites and social bookmarking sites. You can find the infographic below at


#6 – Color Correct It

Just color correcting an image can do a lot to bring out its natural beauty. Make sure you bring up the level of contrast as high as possible, while not blowing out the whites or losing color to the darks. Get it just right and the image will come off sharp and professional.



#7 – Sharpen It

Sharpen your image. If your image comes off a little blurry, it won’t come off as professional. While your best bet is really to take a photo with a high quality camera, you can make do with image sharpening in a pinch.



#8 – Add a Headline

A headline can help catch attention and get people to begin looking at an image or series of images. While some images can stand alone; a great many images can be enhanced by just adding one or two sentences as a headline.



#9 – Blur the Background

Often time’s simply blurring the background will make the foreground appear sharp and in focus. It’s not an effect that people consciously notice, but it makes a big difference. You can use apps like Instagram, if you don’t have a lens to accomplish the blur.



#10 – Make it Relevant

Not all images can be news relevant. When it can be however, it’ll often spread.


Sites like Digg or even people on Facebook will pick up these images and pass it to people. People care about what’s going on in the world. If you can link your image to a significant current event, you can gain a lot of traction.



These are ten things you can do with your photos so they can be readily shared. Making your photos go viral or “catch on” doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes effort. These tips will help get you from where your images are now to the viral tipping point.