Noah’s Ark File Folder Game for Preschoolers #ece #preschool

I found a really cute Preschool File Folder Game based on the animals of Noah’s Ark the other day.

I printed out all of the animals for my 3-year-old, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the “ark” part of it, so I made my own.

I made what is supposed to resemble an ark and waves at the top, with a brown pocket on the front of the ark for the animals to go into.

On the bottom, I made another pocket for the animals to be when they’re not in the ark.  {You can print out the animals here.}  I also pasted the animals to a slightly thicker paper to help them last a little bit longer.




First we talked about Noah’s Ark, and then I instructed her to match up a boy and girl of each animal and make sure that they were safe in the ark.


She really enjoyed playing this game on her own!

After she tired of matching them up, we played a Memory-style game together with the cards.  (Of course I hadn’t thought of this at the time that I was making the cards, so they’re not all a uniform size, but it still worked!)

We placed all of the cards face down, and took turns turning over 2 cards at a time to try to find a match.  Whenever one of us made a match, she put the animals into the ark.