In Honor of Star Wars Day….

May the 4th (May the Force….be with you) is Star Wars Day!
In honor of that, I want to link to my old Star Wars posts here –

First off, I have a Printable Star Wars Word Search that I made (I definitely have to make some more of these….!).

Also, we had a super fun Star Wars Birthday Party ~ if you’re planning to have one of these, you  might get some fun ideas from this post.

I thought I had a post about how I made the super-cool Padawan learner tunics…..but apparently I never got around to doing that.  Perhaps that will be on the to-do list for later on today…..!

I have a Squidoo lens that has some great original You-tube videos on them – a lot of them are basically a tribute to John Williams (who wrote the score to Star Wars):

Best Original You Tube Music Videos

I also like this Weird Al Yankovic Video – The Saga Begins:


I hope you have a great Star Wars Day, and remember, one of our favorite quotes from the wise old sage, Yoda:

“Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”