10 Days of May Madness Starts Today ~ You Won’t Want to Miss This!

Do you remember my blog post telling you what PLR is and how you can use it on your blog?

If you recall, there were a number of free PLR packs that you could grab off of there.

One of my favorite online events starts today – 10 Day May Madness.

What is that, you ask, and why is it so fantastic?

A number of online business people are offering their services for just $5!  I’ve taken a little sneak peek, and I noticed that there were several PLR packs (QUALITY ones, mind you) in there that you can scoop up for $5 a piece – that’s a fantastic deal! One of the pack gets you $120 worth for just $5. Sweet!

In the past I’ve seen blog headers/buttons offered for $5, and a number of other services.

Hop on over to the 10 Day May Madness sale and start making off with the great deals over there!