What the Heck is PLR and How Will it Help My Blog?

“Content is King.”  “Content is Key.” “You must have fresh content to build your Subscriber list.”

Have you heard these phrases before in the blogging world?

I personally have seen spikes in traffic when I post to my blog regularly, and a serious decrease when I take a blog holiday (usually when real-life events become all-consuming, or my brain stops churning out blog-worthy ideas).

Do you know that you can use PLR to help you with your blog content?    Are you wondering what the heck PLR is?

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”.  It’s like having your very own ghostwriter write blog content for you.

Basically you can purchase article packs, blog post packs, and even ebooks and special reports.  Depending on the terms of use for the PLR that you purchase (it is VERY important that you read and understand them!), you can either post the content as if it was your very own, or rewrite it to make it original.  Other times you can add your name and website saying “Brought to You By” or “Presented By”.

If you did a search for PLR, you’ll find all kinds out there.  Sometimes you can get 99 articles for 99 cents…..but heed this warning – you often get what you paid for!

I have used PLR in the past, but I generally like looking at it like I had my very own researchers finding out specific details for me.  I prefer to rewrite the PLR to add my own “voice” to it.  =)

There is a large variety of PLR available – you can get recipe PLR, business PLR, Marketing PLR, mom-content PLR, and health PLR, for example.

If you’re lacking for content, sometimes having PLR on hand will help you break out of your writer’s block and get you going again.  Just don’t do what so many bloggers are guilty of doing – purchase a bunch of PLR and then let it collect dust on your hard drive.  That isn’t helping your blog OR your readers!!

Here are a few of my favorites that I have used personally:


Free bundles to try out:



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